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You've NEVER played with a Strawberry Shortcake?? AND you bought 40 of them?? ;)


Your cakes look great. I have three here who are in need of a make-over. I was wondering where you found the shoes.


I remember Strawberry Shortcake! I didn't have a doll but I did have her pajamas =)
With 40 you can customize away...
Great outfits!!


hey sil~Strawberry Shortcake was my FAV!! my entire room was decorated w/her - so nice to c her again in her latest creations. I need 2 look 4 mine so u can give them a makeover 2! TO ADORABLE & brings back memories ;o)thxs 4 ur post!


Yes, i too am too old to have done the Shortcake thing (it was Holly Hobbie all the way)and Duran Duran and MTV had to be the biggest thing for me in those turbulent middle school years!!

Absolutely LOVING these outfits!! So fun! :)


Frolicking in the goodyness of your blog, but pray, why is there no search function? A thorn in the flesh, that.


Such beautiful work! I used to have a few of these dolls and I wish now I had kept hold of them as yours look so fantastic in their new clothes.

urban craft

now I wish I had kept my old SBSC dolls to make them new clothes too! Sweet!

Wabi-Sabi Wanderings

I did have a SBSC doll, and I had no IDEA that she could look as sweet as these ones! Hmm...I wonder if I could still find her somewhere at my parent's place.

I've just linked to your wonderful mushroom tutorial. Many thanks for the inspiration!



so cute!!! Its a beautiful blog...i love it ^__^


You put away your blythe dolls?! I love blythe dolls they are soo cute! I Love your creations they are so cute, Whenever I try to make anything like yours they go wrong!I love your creations and wish I could be as creative as you!x


I loved strawberry shortcake! I still have the comforter and use it when im sick and need...well....comforting I suppose! Lol, its so super soft now after over thirty years of use!

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