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oh my - this is too cute - i can't wait to make this and prairie is having the day off tomorrow so i know what will be on our dance card!!! thank you x


This is so cute! TFS!


What fun!!! I'm going to do this with my toddler. Thanks for sharing. :)


Thank you very much!! It's a wonderful idea!! and there could be so many options... Have a great week!


Thank you, this is so cute Myra. I adore miniatyre books so much! I will colour mine for sure!


that is really sweet...looks easy enough...thanks!!
%*_*% rosey


It's great to see this in action. I've made little booklets like this for my son. Also, I work for an online company teaching English to students overseas. I'm the leader for the workbooks we self-make. We use these mini booklets for our youngest learners! How fun! (I might link our onsite teachers to this post for a tutorial on how to's much better than the tutorial I link them to now.) Cute bunnies! :)


such a great project :)


Hola: Lindo el librito lo voy a hacer con mis niños. Muchas gracias.

Plain and Joyful Living

Thank you for sharing.
Warm wishes, Tonya


Love it!!
Thank you so much for this wonderful book layout.


Aww, that is DARLING! Thank-you so much, I'll be linking.


BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much for teaching me this!!!


Thank you soooo much!!I love it i'm suprising my husband with it!


Thank you! Printed one out for each of my girls. Hopefully it'll keep them busy on our road trip!


Oh I missed this post!
Clever idea!


This is absolutely the cutest thing! I couldn't stop giggling as I read this.. definitely printing one off.

Thanks so much for posting this!


I’m doing post on my blog called “want lists” and I included one of your items on it. You have some really great items , have a great day!!

Captive Creativity


Thanks for this sweet idea. We will make it for our daddy!


Where are you? Do continue blogging.:(


Hehehe thank you!! It's so cute! I'm going to make this and mail it with my next letter to my boyfriend, who is gone working at camp. Bwahaha!!

Jess (The Crafty Librarian)

This is the cutest thing I have seen all day! And I love how you made the book, I can see myself making LOTS of these in different styles now I know how to do it!

Colleen P

Love it! I have someone in mind to brighten his day with this cute booklet. Happy I found you through your hedgie post on kiddley. Have a great day!

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