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everything you do is so dang cute!!
smooches rosey


Félicitation pour ce joli site! beaucoup de belles choses


Oh my goodness he's awesome. I love the little bag and skateboard!

little t jane

ha ha...sooo cute! i love stan!!! :D


what a sweetie! with that cute little pouch!


He's so cute, I love his little pouch too, so very tiny. How tall is little Stan?


Ooohh! So beautiful!!


Stan has so much personality! He should star in his own skate video, complete with slo-mo shots of his ollies and airwalk grabs ;)


what a cutie!


oh my gawd. he is the cutest thing i have evr seen!!!

Dionne C

Hahahaha, this little guy makes me laugh - what a cute little munchkin!

las sandalias de ana

que simpatico!!! ;)


It's so cute!!!

Hena Tayeb


decorators fabric

Wow!!! This is so cute. Great work!!!

Hena Tayeb

it is positively adorable

Boracay hotel

OMG!!! How did you make it? It is really beautiful. I love it!!!


Holy cuteness! I love the color. I love the little bag. So adorable!! :)


Wow! He is very cute! You have a knack for the small and quaint!


He's SO cute... all I want to know is.. what's in his messenger bag? ;)


Super cute! I'm going to check your shop :-)

karen edstrom

Hi do you ever make any of these darling creatures for interested parties? thanks karen

eniva vibe

Stan is so pink! Reminds me of Happy Tree Friends!

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