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Yes! I am so excited for this. I can hardly wait for Monday to come. I hope I get a spot. :-)


In order to sign up, do we need to have a Typepad blog? I have a blog, but it's Blogger/Blogspot, and I really want to participate (got some great ideas for the project).


so excited!


Are Livejournal accounts eligible, or just places like blogspot and typepad?


Is there a deadline by which boxes will have to be sent? I'm *so* excited about this!

Oh, I'm not sure I'll get round to seeing the film before doing this, but I assume having read the book a few bajillion times is enough to qualify?


Ooh! I'm going to try my best to get a spot! Great idea :).


Oh I hope I get a spot too!!!


This sounds sooooo fun! My dd and I saw this movie yesterday and I was taking in all the cool things to put in a box.


Wishing everyone at Mochi a Happy Valentine's Day!


I want to play! are 2-D things okay? I do sculpt, and I'd definitely make a 3-d thing *too*, but I'd like to know that a drawing/painting would be cool as well...


Counting down the hours til noon Hawaii time!


Please sign me up! I was going to do it on the post above but you have comments closed.

Heather Robertson

Is it too late to signup?


I wish I could sign up but work will keep me busy in March so I can't...
I did see the movie last Sunday w/ the kiddies and I was happy to see that they made Coraline a lefty =)


Can we do another round?

Anna Socrates

I wish I knew about this earlier. I would have loved to have played.
Anna S.


How did I miss this! Can't wait to see the boxes.

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