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We are looking forward to this movie as well. I read the book when if first came out--Miranda was just a baby and it's been sitting on our shelf for years, she just read it a few weeks ago.

Have you heard about the Coraline boxes? 50 boxes were put together by the creators and sent to different bloggers. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky chosen ones, drat.

i cant sew

absoluetly gob smackingly wonderful!!

Erica K

wow i had no idea this was stop motion! such a tedious, beautiful thing. love it.


WoW what a cool clip-I love that kind of animation! Sooo fun! Hope you are having an awesome weekend!~Smiles~Tam!


My three year old will love this! One of her favortie movies is the Corpse Bride, and yes she is 3! Nothing scares her! She loves anything creepy and spooky! This will be great to take her to! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Murta

I absolutely love your blog, and "hearing" that you love stop motion, well, I thought that you might appreciate this...


If you are interested in stop-motion you should check out the end of Nightmare Before Christmas. There is a full documentry on Tim Burton and his skilled staff of artists and how they created the whole move using stop-motion. Like Amy posted above, Corpse Bride, also by Tim Burton, is all stop-motion. And ... although I do understand that you would have to be a true fan to watch it ... South Park is all stop-motion with cardboard and paper cut-outs.
It's all truly amazing when I don't even have the time or patience to do a load of laundry!


If you have the movie "Chicken Run" they have information about how Peter Lord and Nick Park made these characters. It's quite interesting.


I can't wait to see this film!

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