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so cute!! those little people make me smile. i raided all the dots and are saving them for our gingerbread house!

happy voting- i'm sooo nervous!


They're gorgeous!

I hope you're feeling better soon and happy voting. I'm not even American and I feel a bit excited and am eager to hear how it all unfolds!

i cant sew

now you have me interested in paperclay, is it like papier-mache`? i would love one of my family especially of my middle child as she has curly hair. cool xx


I feel the same way as i cant sew I was wondering is paperclay similar to paper mache?


Those are sooo cute! I love them.

Keahi Pelayo

Does Buddy know and approve what you are doing with his candy?


very adorable! i hope you're feeling better.
i love dots...except for the way they just "cling" to your teeth - haha!


First time I heard of paperclay... where do you get it?

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