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Jane Swanson

Oh! I wish I'd seen these earlier! You.Are.So.Creative!
Filing this away for next year!!

kerry lynn

cute cute cute!!


oh, i LOVE your calendar! :)

Anne Marie

What an amazing idea! :-)

Mina Nakamura

I´ve done my advent calendar this year but I´m sure I´ll make this pretty one the next year, thanks for the fun idea!!!

Patty.cakes of Columbus, GA

These are the cutest things--think I will have to try them. I also enjoyed talking with you.


Love love love this!!!! Definitely on my to do list for next year! I am an advent calendar son too =)

dianne shiozaki

So cute! I love your creativity! My daughter loves gum, so I might have to do this next year!


Cool gifts : )

julie nesbit

I LOVED this idea when I saw it Mid-December, but of course I figured it was too late to use it. However, my kid loves a countdown for anything. I'm going to make a Valentine's version with just 1 sleeve (12 pieces). Thanks for such a great idea!


This is one of the cutest ideas yet

Melody Law

Oh I love this idea... thank you.. So darn cute and so diffrent..


Hi, thanks for sharing this tutorial. I linked to it and the picture. Hope you don't mind.


I am about a year behind the times with this post, but I made about a dozen of these yesterday to be mailed out to the guests coming to our house for Christmas. They are so cute, and such a great idea! Thanks.


I should make this for my mummy!
Oh... but with panadol. She ALWAYS has a headache.


Love this (a year later!). I'm actually going to make them for the 12 days of Christmas (doing one 12 pack) since our family exchanges gifts on Epiphany. Can't wait to see how they come out! Thanks for the idea!

Rose fr FineCraftGuild dot com

10 out of 10!


GREAT IDEA!!!! I love it. Thank you for sharing!

Norah Brown

Thank you for the fun idea! I made these for everyone I could think of who might want one (and more than a few people who might not).
I'm not a scrapbooker either, but Fiskars holds warehouse sales in town so I have some random things I thought I could find a use for. Thanks to you I did!


omg this is really awesome!

Lenine Starforest

That's genius

Trina Knudsen

Such a cute idea! I will have to do these for my nieces and nephew as soon as they are old enough to chew gum!

Veronica Hugger

This is so stinkin' cute!


I love this. SO much fun and adorable, too!


I love these!! And I think my son will LOVE it more. I am going to try it out and make them for my boys friends or cousins if they really are as easy as you say :)

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