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Thalita Dol

This doggie is TOOOOO cute!!

Kisses from Brazil!


Yes, I was so happy to discover this one in the bookshop! Usually you hear all about these things online before they come out but this time I had no idea! I've still only made one softie from the first book, but I really want to try your little pup from this one too!


Fantastic. Can't wait to get a copy. I loved the first book...that is how I found out about your blog. Congrats for getting published again.


Congratulations! The little doggie is adorable.


Congratulations. The little pup is so cute. I loved the first book. Can't wait to get this one.


i have that book!!! i ordered it plus two others (the first and another) but could only afford one. when i went back to check the book shop they had already been sold. wonder if my husband went on a mission to buy them for me for christmas after all my hinting maybe just maybe. i will tell you after jesus' big day. xx


Congrats Myra! You deserve a book of your own soon, or are you working on one? One with mini things of all kind if you ask me! :-)

Crafty Mama Traci, My House Boutique

Glad to see you back and with exciting news!

From sunny Austin, Texas!


Congratulations! I live in the U.S. and have been looking for the Softies book forever. Would you happen to know where I can find copies of the two softies books?


I love it!! looks like I will be adding to my collection:) Congrats I am always waiting to see what you will do next. I really love the little brown bear ornament you made at christmas time I hope sometime you will tell us how you made him.

Keahi Pelayo

Makes me happy just looking at him.


Good for you - glad you're back!


Congratulations... the dog is such a cutie!


Cute, cute, cute........congraaatsssssssss...


Love your things! Where did you get those bunny bowls? Would love to get them!

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