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mimi k

so cute!


Make me a giant one so I can wear it on my head like a shower cap. I'M JOKING, don't. I like the face. It adds a lot.


Such a clear tutorial, and such an adorable project. Thank you!


everything you make is so cute :)


This is so very cute! Thanks for sharing.


super cute!


Adorable! Thanks for sharing. Just out of curiousity what do you do for the face? Are the blushy cheeks from paint? It looks like the eyes are seed beads and the mouth is sewn on?

Can't wait to make some!


Okay, so I believe you! That actually does look easy. And oh, so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing.


Cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

Ana Lilia

that is too cute! the mushroom, alone is cute, but with the face, it is adorable! your creations are amazing! thank you so much for sharing!


Very cute! Great tutorial. :)

Daniele Sinhorelli

Thanks! I just love your mushroom :D


too cute Myra! i think these would be cute christmas ornaments...


So cute! Thanks for sharing:)


Wow, I love this idea. Yes, you are right, it´s easy to make but to come up with this idea is what makes you unique.
I also love the frog, I´m fond of frogs anyway.

Cute idea!!!

Best regards, Nadine


thanks for a great tutorial!


That is so cute! And thanks so much for sharing the how-to!

Julie K in Taiwan

So cute, thanks for the tutorial, lots of great tips in it.


What a sweet mushroom,and great tutorial. I found you through craft zine and am really enjoying your blog. I have messed around with tiny felt mushrooms lately too! there must be something in the air...


I could actually see the glitter in the top pic and the first thought in my mind was "Hey! She made magic mushrooms!!" :lol: The mushroom is cute but Mr. Froggy makes it even cuter!!


Hey, that's really cute!

Mel Goodsell

That's just gorgeous - thankyou very much for the tutorial.

My Baboo

sorry - can't type anything sensible - just seen your work for the first time and I have nearly collapsed its so cute!


Thank you. I love your work. Have you thought of packaging kits for your amigurumis? or patterns?


oh my word, that is adorable!! I'm going to try my hand at those for my dd's birthday party.

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