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You are onto something big...erm...I mean small!
These sets are adorable!!!!!


no sell it all!!!!


So sweet!! I love these little sets you are making x


That is cute, and you get the general idea of the black blob... ;-)

Perhaps you can photoshop him so that he alone is a bit lighter?


Again I can't beleive how small you work! Small amigurumi just kills my fingers, and makes me crazy so I really admire your patience (or maybe really small fingers??)

The photos are great too - the one of him in his lil' carrier is just too cute!

esther coar

how exciting to see another post. I figured you'd be caught up in Summer and Buddy. I can't wait to get our baby set. Thanks for everything you do.

mimi k

aw, he's wonderful! He put a smile on my face as I was scrolling down the photos :-)


I think you can definitely get a good idea of Blobby. And I think this is my favorite - so cute!


OMG these are so tiny and cute! You are so talented!


Too cute. WHERE MY NINJAS AT? I've been watching Jon & Kate while packing orders too. Addicting!


ack so cuute!!!! love that puppy :)


he's so cute, and some of these photos are not that bad. will you make other colors too?


Simply adorable Myra....keep up the fantastic work! No worries, I think we all got feeds so we'll never be out of the loop. Just continue to put a smile on everyone's faces!! Nuff said :)


How beautiful is this? So super cute, I can´t believe this.
I love the things you make but from time to time there comes something that is really smashing me away and this is one of them.
The cute little kitty, unbelievable.


so cute!


oh my goodness gracious! my children would go nuts for these! I love to work with miniture items. All stems from the fab dollhouse I had as a child. Now I have an urge to make something. you are very talented.


You are so creative and inventive, I want to be like you when I grow up and stop procrastinating.

Camino Uribe

This is so so soooooooooooooooooo cute!


Jon and Kate keep me sane, when I realize I only have one child!


that little guy is so cute!


oh wow, such a cute little set!!
who are john and kate?


Oh my gosh-so cute!

Adorable! Perfect!



I absolutely love this little set, the doggie is adorable! Will you be making kitties too? I visit often your blog and always enjoy your creativity. :)
I have a little Brillante Weblog Award waiting for you on my blog, if you want to stop by :)



amy purple

look at that cute little dog bed! everything is so precious!


He is soooo sooooooo cute. I almost squek with adore when you put little Blob in the little carrier. Just too cute!!!

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