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teehee, are they quilts for the babies? Ill look forward to the reveal


hi there..
blog hopping all d way from malaysia..
this is my 2nd time here..
the quilts are nice n cute..
love d one with pink colour..


I was going to type, "cute potholders" but whatever they are, you always make cute things :)


pretty prints, whatever they are going to be!


Quilts for the wooden babies?
Look great, no matter whether micro quilts, potholders or something else ;)


They must be blankets for the crochet babies! I can't wait!!

Ann C.

Oh yea, are the crochet babies are coming?
Monday we will be stopping over in I will be sure to bring the laptop.


blankies! Still here!


Ooooh, pretty! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Amy P. in TN

Looks like pretty little blankies to me...can't wait 'til Monday!!!

Amy P. in TN


Looking forward to Monday! I'm an avid fan of your site - one of my All-Time favorites! :)


Good luck! Can't wait to see what develops.

amy purple

I was going to say cute potholders too! haha.


I read, I just don't post too often because I'm a dullard ;)


Honestly, I could never predict when I might have things for shop ready... and I don't even work!
Greetings from a very rainy and surprisingly cool-ish Japan!

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