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I really don't know how you manage to crochet on such a small scale, but however you do it, you always get such cute results!

Also I love the little rubber duckies and the duck riding toy, they are adorable!


Those are unbelievably adorable - and gorgeously photographed too!


As I told you on Flickr, these babies are amazing! I'm really impressed...the whole set is great!


So very very lovely!


i must have one for myself maybe alll!!!!!
i love them ia lways loved your little minis.thanks for sharing them.

esther coar

i really hope we are one of the lucky 7 who get to adopt one of these babies. We have been checking very day for weeks .... My daughter's birthday is Saturday - what a perfect gift.

mimi k

Absolutely adorable!

Amy P. in TN

SOOOOOOO SWEET!!! I, too, have been checking every day these past couple of weeks!

Amy P. in TN

jenny b harris

Incredible! Those are the cutest things I've ever seen! You had me at the bassinets, but the ride-on ducky is the killer! Wow!


The cuteness is killing me. I want one!!


I saw the pics on Flickr and thought "Yayyyyyyyy!" She's back! I can only imagine how much effort that you're putting into these. Great job!


They're gorgeous....I've been waiting...hope I get to get one!!


Oh my! Those are adorable!!!


Oh.My.Gosh. I love these!! They are so adorable!


oh my goodness, myra! the detail ... the intricacy ... the cuteness! as always, you've blown me away. nicely done. i hope the babies all go to loving homes. :)


those babies are just too adorable ~~

t. miyashiro

holy cow - your attention to detail is INSANE!!! but in a good way! they are perfection :)


I want to lay with dolls again!


Oh my!

These are just so lovely, the attention to detail is breathtaking and I'm having a very, very hard time stopping myself from buying one of these sets for you. If I were more flush with money at the moment then I really would not be hesitating right not - my only problem would be trying not to get hold of all of them.

Best of luck with the sale - I imagine by this time tomorrow they will all be spoken for!


I'm so happy that people appreciate your work, these are wonderful!




I always love what you make and share....

I am tagging you in hopes that you'll play along--
Please list 7 hopes and/or wishes that you currently have on your blog, and tag seven others to do the same. Perhaps some little known facts or quirks will come out about you in the process of your sharing these with us (or perhaps there's someone out here who can help make your wishes come true!)


These are so cute,and the detail is just so amazing.
I just bought the crafters companion, i loved your little section. I'm going to make the Elephant bag for my Nephew for Christmas.

esther coar

We were lucky enoughto be able to get one of the baby sets and it arrived this morning. The work is amazing - so perfect that it makes you stop and really look at it - each minute stitch is perfect. Just an unbelievable work of art. Though it would be wonderful to play with the set - even my girls thought it would be just for special occasions. The entire set fit into a small jewelry box adding to the GREAT things come in small packages saying. Thank You!


I think these are so cute.
I would like to order several sets for my great nieces.
I would like to place an order for Christmas.
How do I go about ordering the sets?
I hope it is not to late.
Thank you

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