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she is adorable!


She is very cute! You know, in Cuba "papaya" is slang for a certain part of the female anatomy (we always called it--the fruit!--"frutabomba"). I hope that's not true in Hawaii, too!


Oh, PP is too cute!


She's adorable!


She so cute!


that is beyond cute! :)




You are just to good at what you do. I'm like, singing and dancing in my chair to all of the great memories that THAT song gives me!


She is so cute! I'm coming to Hawaii for my honeymoon- I'm so EXCITED!!!


I really like Princess Pupule, and I really like papayas! What a combo!


Aloha lady! Ahh..tropical breezes and lovely hula hands! She reminds me of working at the farmer's market...those were the papayas in Wa. State, just tomatoes, apples, and peaches. Your site is super dewper Kawaii! Very inspiring!

ciao ciao


She is toooo cute!!!!


I was just wondering (since you were the reason I started to watch it!) if you have seen the new Komaneko movies on YouTube? There is now a longer movie, and it's great!



Her cuteness is shocking! My gosh. The talent that oozes out of you is amazing. :)

Did you ever see Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd? There's a scene in the train and Dan walks in and him and Eddie do a little chant that sounds like they say pupule, pupule, pupule HEY. This post reminded me of that.


OK, Couldn't help but sing along (out-loud even...) as I arrowed down looking at the pics! Princess pupule is just MAIKA'I!!! She's just too cute! & thanks for getting that song stuck in my head...gotta go hula now! a hui hou-Tina


I love that video! It brought back memories of my aunt who was a haole but lived in Hawaii for about 25 or 30 years. She would bring us leis when she came home to visit. I have a walking hula doll she gave me. You pulled her by a string. I also have a small child's jewelry box that has Kokeshi dolls on the top. I didn't know what they were until I saw your header and some fabric with them on it.


I love this princess, it´s so cute!


i'm with the cubans, i always thought it was a racy song. my grampa used to sing it, and now mama don't 'low nuthin' but fruta bomba 'round here.


What a cute little hula girl... I wish it was warm enough here for me to dress like that :o)


She's so cute!

Jennifer Adams

WOW! That is crazy! My grandpa lived in Mn, growing up and was in a jazz band in the 20's...he had these OLD records and one of them was the Princess Papule. There was an instuction manual that taught you the hula dance that went to the song! My sister and I learned it and would put on shows for anyone who would listen. Some of the lyrics were taken out (of the recorded version we listened to) I can see. I still remember the who tune and dance. Princess was over the head, Papyli was hands beside the ear folded, Papaya was a opening gesture of cupped hands and so forth...I have never met another person who knows that song! We also sang another called Mini the Mermaid. It was a tad risque. My Dad would play the banjo while we sang. GOOD memories I passed on to my two girls whoa re now 21 and 17. We still sing our "car songs."

Thanks for sharing

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