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aww, i think people would buy those adorable duckies all on their own. but the last photo is just too sweet.
i'm totally unorganised, so when you figure out answers to all the organisation problems, please share! :)


Ohhh they're adorable!!! Too too too sweet!
Now I'll link you in my blog =)


The little octopuses are my favourite, big smiles and wide eyes, so cute!!
Good luck with the organising. I'm always having problems with sorting my crafty bits, those scraps are a nightmare!! x


I have plastic drawers in my craft room which are labeled on the outside. I was able to find some with assorted sized drawers which are great for craft supplies. As for WIP's I actually store most of them in plastic labeled drawers. I have drawers for different categories such as WIP - embroidery, WIP sewing, etc...


How sweet! I have given up trying to organize my stuff - it's all over the place and I try to memorize what is where, but sometimes I waste an hour looking for a particular item!


these are so cute! I usually keep scraps of material with other material (in big shopping bags). beads with beads (in a big plastic tool box).

Mme. Meow

Help! I have a two-year old who just now fell in love with your duckies and won't stop touching the screen! You need an Etsy store!

esther coar

i can't wait for those little dolls to get in your shop. stop organizing and keep crocheting. LOL!


I *love* the octopi!!!

I usually keep WIPs in the open so I don't forget about them, and I have one big box that all the scraps go in...not organized but at least contained. Anything that I can, I hang on the wall where I can see it, in the Julia Child method of organization ;)


OMG. Make these out of fondant so I can eat them.


Sorry, can't help you on the organizing part. My system is so not working for me. But let us know if you come up with any good ideas.
Your baby looks happy to have them all. My littlest daughter just informed me, she liked the red and pink "squib". Translated, your octupus which she called a squid.


I'm dying from the cuteness of it all. Being a crazy cat lady (and one who's lost a black cat to coyotes) I love the cat but have to say, the octopus and his smily little face is the best!


Okay, not like I'm a beacon of organization, and don't even get me started on the WIPs, but for small scraps of paper, I use a 2-drawer file cabinet with hanging file folders. Different one for each color, and random papers and bits go in there. Hope that helps just a smidge!


I think any of them would do personally I like the little duck:) Can't wait to see them in the store. By the way I have been trying to weed thru and organize for a move and I have two or three vintage crochet babies would you like to have them? Maybe a swap for a few fabric pieces or something like that?


what a cute little baby!!! i think i like the ducks best.

Amy P. in TN

So adorable...I LOVE the duckies! But I love the cat and ocotpi also! Can't wait to see babies in your store!!!

Amy P. in TN

Organization???!!! Who has time for that!? ;)


First off, you don't blog nearly often enough! Your stuff is so irristably cute that I am transformed into an 8 tear old girl whenever you post something new!The ducks are well, just too damn sweet!

Norma Yamamoto

Very,very Kawaii


Rubber ducks! Maybe a patchwork ball too? ;-)

beautiful photos!


I am partial to the ducks but they all are cute. Any recommendations for those new to tiny cute clay crafts?


definitely those ducks! yellow and pink ones!


Glad to see the babies are going into the shop! can't wait!


Too too sweet! I can't wait to see your shop update!


Awwww, it's always a pleasure to take a peek at you Blog and see the cute little things you make.
The nicest things ever!
Can't wait to see the dollies into your shop.
Gazillion hugs.


I love the octopi and ducks. When I read your post I had a little chuckle to myself - it sounded so much like me!! My hubby wishes fervently that I didnt keep everything, that I would stick to just ONE hobby and his answer to WIPs/ UFOs is not to start anything new, until you have finished the old!!Sound familiar? So sadly I have no solution, but perhaps you can feel heartened by the knowlege of kindred spirits (and there seem so many!!) Perhaps our creativity stems from an inability to organize! Ha ha

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