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Oh I've the same cat !


He is not amused-that is too funny!


I'm a little worried here. I assume you must have survived this photo session to be able to post this picture. But Mochi looks really pissed here, like he's planning how he's going to take you down. I'd watch my back over the next few days if I were you!


Run for it! Looks like he´s going after you in no time. That or he's trying to show that you won't get a lot from him in the next couple of days.


jaja! It´s a funny photo. I like the cute octopus. Kisses


I've seen that look before: one's dignity has been compromised. "Doesn't she know ami-takos are to be played with and not worn?"


Hah, what a look of distain! Your ami tako are simple adorable!


A mini red bowler with eyes...

Work the hat!






Go, Dog! Go! Or should I say Go, Octopus! Go! I read that book soooo many times to my children I could read it by heart. Very funny picture ~ your cat puts up with a lot.


Hahahahha! Great picture! :-)


Ha! Swivelling radar ears. Evidently, Mochi is not a hat person.


Aha! So this is the famous Mochi! It's the first time I've seen a pic although it's probably not one that shows his most photogenic side. Cute and funny post!


Mochi definitely looks a little huhu. :) He also looks like he's saying, "You just wait until later," like he's got something planned for revenge. hehe But whether he likes it or not, I think his hat is quite cute!

Love the Go Dog Go reference! :-)

amy in az

Mochi--YOU ARE FIERCE !!(ala project runway style)
That is the look of...
wait until later I will leave you something special in my litter box.(o_o)


Hilarious! I agree with the folks who say you should watch your back the next few days!


great blog.. fab pictures and very witty writings... My cat Starbuck looks like that all the time...I dare not put a hat or small octopi on his head though I might loose a limb. ;o)


My little sister's favourite book! Of course, she's thirty now, so not so little... ;)


Hi there, I absolutely love your blog to death, it's the best ever so I nominated you for crafty superstar on this craft website-
Please say yes!
The site owner will probably contact you.
p.s. cute cat!


Long time lurker, first time poster, and I have to say, looking at your blog is simply inspiring! I also love the octopus...hee!


Wow, what a face! I like the hat, but I might feel differently if it was on my head. :)


What a great expression...deeply unimpressed.
You've been pressure!


i just love your profile and all your crafts, I am soo incredibly inspired!!!

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