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So cute! That tiny pink one is amazing :)


Love these guys - GORGEOUS!! =)
Your Buddy is such a lucky boy - you make the most adorable things for him =)


Oh, those look just like the little tako we used to find occasionally in the shirasu. I admit that they freaked me out when I first realized that my little white fish were not all fish, I don't know why the inclusion of an teeny octopus made it bad. But I got over it!

Yum, shirasu, I wish I could get some here...


Hi. I need 50 of those, asap. Thanks.


that is so cute!


Next time I see baby tako at the fish shop I'll be thinking of you!


Whoohooo, can't wait to purchase the babies pattern .... I really want to make a bunch!


I'm so happy that you're going to sell
the crochet babies pattern...I'v been hoping you would ever since I saw those adorable babies!


i love the ami-tako - so cute!


These little guys are so cute.


oh my. It is too cute on the bed of rice.


Wow - you are so imaginative! I love it!


How cute! The lil' guy is my favorite :)


I wish I could crochet, these are fantabulous and I could see them becoming a bit of a 'hde them in unexpected places' toy around the house! Brilliant


So pretty !! Trop mignons, ces petits personnages !! J'adore , bravo !!

Amy P. in TN

Can't wait to purchase some finished croceht babies!!!! The octopus is so sweet, too!

Your stuff is THE BOMB!!!!!!

Amy P. in TN


These are so cute! Your heading cracked me up. For some reason, in my head, I was hearing Rap Repleinger saying, "I going make you eat um" in his funny way. LOL


J'adore la petite rose. I love the little pink ...Sorry, i'm not very ok for writing...

Jenny K

Japanese Song (LOL)


You make the cutest stuff!


Way too cute to eat. Plus, it doesn't look like there's much meat on them! :) tee hee


Do you sell the ami-tako octopi pattern yet? Too cute!

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