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You are crazy, Myra. And I am very happy about that... I guess I am not alone! A smiling caterpillar! How small is it actually?


I'd bet on it. :-)
SO cute!!


I hope that Cece and Lou became friends because I am already looking forward to the next installation of the Adventures of Lou the Caterpillar.

Myra, I know I'll sound like an old record, but you really are THE BEST!!!!

mimi k

Adorable! The eyes on Cece- I love them! You practically have a childrens book there :-)


I hope they become friends! This caterpillar is too cute, it doesn't deserve to be eaten :)


What an ABSOLUTE delight this story is! I strongly vote for a blossoming friendship. Please show us more of darling Cece's world.

li li

friends please! ^o^


adorable characters and concept.


You should do a book!


Hi, I've just chosen you for my favorite blogs list, things you make are so cute!


eat him! hahaha. i just thought i'd say that since no one else has ;]

i love it when you put together little stories like this. you are so creative & very much talented!

say, where did you get the cute little furniture?


OMG, that is simply gorgeous!!!!
You should definitely do a book.


oh, she ate that little morsel right up! Just like a Grimm Fairy Tale!


love this! miss chick-a-dee and mr. caterpillar, i think, will become fast friends! looking forward to another installment of this story...

Claire P

LOL! so cute! I love your little stories :)


they became friends of course! these are so cute!


You're a genius!! I love it. A perfect Monday morning pick me up.

jenny vorwaller

myra, you must have SO much fun setting up these shots! hehe! her EYES! glorious good fun.


I swear, your stories are a bazillion times more entertaining and waaaaay cuter than most of the children's books out there...

love this!


That's crazy cute!


Cute blog!!!!


Ahh, how bright, springy, and sweet! I'd like to think they become friends, but chicks and caterpillars? I don't know about that...


I love this story I swear you should write children's books.


i didn't notice on my first looky-loo over at flickr, but i love how cece's wings are attached with buttons and there's pink polka-dotted fabric underneath. it's all in the details!

and, your other commenters are right: you should write + create a picture book. i'd totally buy it.


I loved it.

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