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Marlou B

He's so cute!
Happy busy week before Christmas!!!!!


I only just put or tree up today - and we don't even have a cute little amigurumi decoration! I would love to try some but I think I'm a bit out of time now!


That little fella is spreading happiness! Smile! ^____^

t. miyashiro

That's so funny - I've totally been into those Cranberry bliss bars too! Happy Holidays! :)


I totally agree with the shipping thingy, they shouldn't charge us more. I think I paid more for shipping once than the actual item...those bliss bars look awesome, will have to try it next time I go to Starbucks...or maybe I'll make some :)


Rump pa pa pum... Have to remember that, it'll be a hit over here...

The detail work on the snowman just awes me - his itty bitty tree, with its itty bittier ornaments!


FYI: I just got emailed the weekly free recipe from "Top Secret Recipes" - and this week's featured recipe is the updated cranberry bliss bar! With a "how to" video no less...

Thought was interesting, and oddly timely, given that I had just read your post here not five minutes before:


I so loving reading your post. Your one little lines get me. You actually remind me of my aunt and her humor.
Shipping stuff stinks! I know I have went to ship packages out of the USA and something that cost $5 to ship in US cost me $21 to go outside of the US. Crazy, if you ask me.
Have a great holiday.


Love the ornament, and *lovelovelove* that joke! Good one, Buddy!


We just got our tree up this weekend, so all is good. You could just go with the tradition of some to put the tree up on Christmas Eve, that would take away the stress, right?


Wow. I'm so surprised that you would feel bad about the Christmas craft thing! You are the queen of crafts. I love that snowman and his tiny tree. Very cute. Merry Christmas!

One Love Photo

Your sweet little snowman makes me smile and your sweet treat makes me want to go home and bake!


yum yum - forgot about those... note to self!
and your snowman is adorable - love that mini tree :)


Merry Christmas Myra, the snowman is cute!


I so agree with the shipping thing..Hawaii IS a state!! I'm hoping things I ordered actually get here..and I ordered them Dec. 2nd!! I love you post on the UH boyz. I don't think I'd ever watched an entire game until this year..and I'll be watching on New Year's Day along with the rest of the state. I just love all your little creatures - so cute!!


omg so cute! how tiny is he....!!!!

id love to make amigurumi... but for now ill just admire urs from afar

esther coar

I added your joke into the third grade play - The Christmas Story with Almost Equal Parts. I know the kdis will love it. Tahnks for sharing everything with us.



That snowman is so smiley! My 2yr old has pointed at the monitor shouting 'happy, happy, happy!'


The cutest snowman on the planet!!! I really need to try out that recipe. It looks scrumptious.

Tina Amaro

Hi there,
I just love all your handmade "itty bittys!" Do you have any of your items for sale? Just wondering! Since I was a very young child I have loved little tiny things. I have made several tiny little people and animals, so when I saw your awesome stuff I had to write you! I have made my little things out of a few different kinds of materials. Love to hear from you! Peace!



Merry early Christmas, dear!


Those bliss bars are so fantastic...I am going to have to start using your recipe and amazing my friends!

And don't feel bad about the lack of creative time over the holidays - I suffer that too. Anything I create ends up as a gift, so I can't blog about it either.


cool snow man very cute joke lol and those bliss bars look yummy

Pochi Poronchi

awww... everthing looks so cute...
I love the reindeer pouch and angel in the morning and baby baby aaaawww....

happy holidays :)

poronchi :D


The recipe looks completely divine!! Thanks for posting it. I am going to have to make it tomorrow!! Love your blog!

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