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Hey! We're playing you guys in the Sugar Bowl!

Jennifer at pink ric rac

Adorable! I'm gonna make some for gifts!! Thank you for the tut!


Oh how absolutely gorgeous :)


adorable! you always come up with the cutest ideas. thank you for sharing the pattern


Thanks so much for the lovely tutorial, I'm definitely making one of these!


I'm amazed you can get anything done in December! My worst month for making things.


Thanks for pattern!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands


these felt reindeer pouches are marvellous, so cute, thanks for the pattern, I will try it !


Adorable! Going to try and make some this weekend.


those are great! thanks for the pattern! if i could find the time to make them that would be great =)


My kid attends Washington State, so this was a bittersweet victory for me, but I couldn't feel too bad, Hawaii has really kicked butt this year. Thanks so much for the pattern, it's really cute!


Thank you so much for posting this idea and pattern. I'll definitely be using this for my daughters gift cards. I'm excited!


Thank you for making this pattern -- I've already made two for my relatives' gifts! *grin*


that pouch is adorable!!


Hi there :3

I came across your guide thru LJ and I LOVED it. I have never, ever done any type of sewing or anything, but my brother gave me his old sewing machine so I whipped it out and gave it a try. The result was ... endearing, like something a 4th grader might make, haha.

(If you'd like to torture yourself, I went ahead and scanned it for ya)

Keep in mind that I was working with dull scissors, and a shaky never-used-a-sewing-machine hand!

My question is, how did you attach the pipe-cleaner antlers. I made a big bobo and sewed them on WITH THE FLAP CLOSED. So I had to fix that, haha. But I wonder if you have any other suggestions.





Thanks so much for this pattern! My 7 year old was able to make it with no problem, substituting buttons & sharpie for the embroidery. It was perfect for his teacher's gift card.


They're very cute, but what is a card holder?


Is there a Libre on the team? If so that's my cousin. I thought I heard he played for UH's football team. Those are really cute reindeer card holders.


Go Bows/Warriors!!! Yee hah!!


Thank you so much! I just finished 4 this weekend and while I stink at handstiching my kids will love them as little coin purses.

Joy Gross

So cute... thank you for sharing the pattern


Thanks for this tutorial, I am going to start making my Christmas gifts early this year.


Thanks for sharing it. You inspired me so much for xmas...
Can't wait to follow all your tutorials.
Mad about

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