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they are cute! I think it is so cool to incorporate recycled stuff:)


I love them! They definitely have a super-cute retro feel.


I love them! They remind me of the angel we used to have on the top of our family christmas tree in the 70's... but much cuter.


you are amazing, did I allready tell you that?



And totally retro.

(that's a Good Thing).


I think you got the retro look you were going for! And I love the detail you're able to get on the faces. How do you do that on such a tiny curved surface?? So cute.


Sweet angels. And every time I sit down to clean my studio I end up working on something else. ;)


first of all :: happy birthday to buddy! i hope he had a great birthday; i can only imagine the creativeness you infused into his party. for some reason it makes me smile to know that our kids have the same birthday month. :)

second of all :: 2 inches?! how do you make such amazingly cute things so small? you must have incredibly nimble fingers! so, are the body parts and wings made out of the cereal boxes?

third of all :: kudos to you for being a more eco-conscious crafter. i find that being a cardmaker and scrapbooker does not jive with my efforts to use resources better. i may have to steal your cereal box idea. thanks!


love those!

and now i'm going to be singing, just kiss my cheek before you leave bay-bee! all day.

thanks a lot.


*Very* successful in getting the look you wanted, but still with *your* style. I think that's really a tough thing to do, but you managed. Happy Birthday, Buddy, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


They are wonderful! That reminds me to start making some Christmas gifts!

Lisa Thoms

Just adorable! And I love the way you paint your faces. Really, really super CUTE!


oh yes! sell some... they will disappear in a flash!

happy thanksgiving!

esther coar

oh no! something else to imitate. i try very hard to use what i have - not just to save money - but to use up all sorts of stuff that people give to me. today i did holiday banners for third grade - quilted small banners with turkey handprints with bead legs - hung on dowels - precious and great - all for free. i keep thinking - there is a war going on - if i have extra craft money - i would ratehr give it to teh wife of a soldier than get that ribbon that matches exactly. glad to see i am in good company.


Love, Love, Love 'em!!! :)
Cuter than any decorations I see in the McStores! ;)


Good for you for using recyled materials in your creations!


They are realy cute!
Happy productive week!! :)


I love the idea of using recycled materials in crafts! Your angels are wonderful! I wouldn't have guessed they were made from cereal boxes.

And happy birthday to Buddy!!!!

Trish Kling

Don't know how you do it. Your "littlies" are all so gorgeous. I'm not sure how I stubbled on your blog but you have a fan!!

Thank you for sharing.
Trish x


very very cute angels!
happy 6th birthday to buddy!


Happy Birthday to your buddy!
Your angels are adorable...
and please add me to the list of fans who would love to buy one of your creations---anytime that works for you, works for me.
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again for sharing your talent with us. This is a happy place.


they are SO cute!!! Have a great thanksgiving!!


They are cute ! Congratulations for them !


i love them and that fact that their only two inches tall make them even more cute lol


They're great! You perfectly captured the retro look, without copying it.

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