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I don't know their origin but they are so cute. I love the little things you make.


They're great, and I love their little facial expressions! Oh and I think you managed to do a great job with the photos, despite their mischief!


they are so cute and so tiny! love it love it love it!


cute, cute, cute!

Madame M

I especially love the walnut-mobile! Too cute!




If you don't sell any would ever consider telling us how to make one? I just love all of your work.


Stolen NUTS - HA!


I love these, Myra. You are the master (mistress?) of little things! I also love the way you can't tell just how little they are til you get to the photo of them making off in the walnut car. But why is the one in red so sad?


Oh yours are the cutest. You do really great work!!


Too Cute. Loveit! Great idea. I love that each one has their own personality.


Oh my goodness... so cute!


OMG!! I totally love them! super cute and tiny. I love tiny things!
I think that the walnut-mobile is amazing!!! Please don't stop making tiny things, you make the cutest tiny things ever!


I just love how you've combined so many different media in each doll. There's sewing, crochet, painting, you could even do embroidery, needlefelting, whatever! They are so great, you're really remarkable.


They are all very cute, but I certainly loved the walnut oh wheels. Myra you are just amazing!!!!


I meant, the walnut ON wheels!

esther coar

for christmas this year i want to make a dozen itty bitty babies for my daughter because we love the book The Rainbabies so much. It is about parents who take care of 12 itty babies and then are given a daughter of their own. It is a favorite and beautiful book. I couldn't find something just right - and now I have. You inspire me so much with what you do and to come here at tehe nd of a long day and find this is better than anything else I could imagine. Thank you for what you give to us and for using your talents in so many ways. I hope i can imitate these. THANK YOU

La SIlvia

Ow I love them! They are so cute... make more!


Really lovely!! They are so cute!!


Cute and in a walnut car? So cute my teeth hurt.


can you tell us how you make the faces? they're fantastic (as were the very frightening cupcakes). thanks so much for sharing teh cuteness.


oh, I like yours so much better!


your babies are so cutie-patootie! i love their happy faces!


how tiny! adorable!

Majeak Ann

they are extremely cute and adorable :))
you made my day.

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