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I love Two Ladies mochi! Your little witchy is so cute. Sorry to hear about your mochiko chicken (that is another one of my favs!)

Christie Phillips

As usual wonderful job on the crafts! I especially love the little witch.


are the pumpkins on buddy's shirt his design? it's a cute idea to make a holiday shirt, although i would've forgotten about how hard it is to paint on a black shirt too.

mochiko chicken? sounds like something i would luuuuurve! can i get the recipe?


Dude, you had mochi favors at your wedding? I think I love you.


I love the bits of white sticking out of the shirt....I makes me happy:)


Super Halloween cuteness all around, but wait, you mentioned Two Ladies Kitchen from Hilo?!? I should've known that's where you got those strawberry mochi from!! TLK is da best!


Thanks for the mochiko chicken link and the mochi link! =) YUM!


I love the witch! her kitty too.


adorable! and you are so right about that cotton stuffing -- it is full of debris. i've only used it behind thick fabrics, but i'll have to watch it around the sheer/lighter ones. :)


i love your little witchy! have you tried the happy hearts mochi by the mochi lady ( they specialize in gourmet mochi, and the special this month is pumpkin-filled mochi -oh so ono!


I still have not tried freezer paper stencils!! What is wrong with me??? His shirt is so cute. He did a wonderful job.


My mom has a mochi maker from Japan. I love it when she experiments with different ingredients ( keep in mind my mom is very health conscious!) I like my mochi cooked over a low heat and wrapped in nori and brushed with soy sauce. My daughter Ally claims mochi is her favorite food ( and my mom always makes her a batch on her birthday! )
Your Halloween crochet cuties are great and your sons stencil is awesome!


Ha! I *knew* it was Two Ladies Kitchen. Have you tried the one with the sweet potato center? Every time I stop by that place I have to check out Kawamoto Lunch Shop too. And I just made my version of mochiko chicken for me and the boyfriend a few days ago because we are missing the local grindz.


Now that is one cute witch. I witch my hair looked that good! :) tee hee And that t-shirt ROCKS! :)


Lovely witch!


That mochi looks so beautiful - it must be delicious because it's so pretty you wouldn't want to spoil it by taking a bite. In Scotland we have a sweet called macroon made with mashed potato and sugar - people think - yuck but it too is scrummy! You can buy it coate din chocolate and coconut and you can get different flavours too. I'm an Aussie now - save any confusion when you see my email address Myra.

karen edstrom

I love the knitted snowman & tree! Any way of getting one of these? karen

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