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How do you get him so perfectly gorgeous? WOW! School holidays here in NZ(YAY) and I have a Wedding to attend this weekend. Should be fun!


BTW forgot to say Monday is just about gone here ehehe. Roll on Tuesday!


Very sweet - I love the apple's face! How did you do the clay joints? They look like straight pins..?


cute cheeky bear, with such a sunny smile!

karen à Toronto

love the apple ;o)


okaeri~! i hope you had a great time at the wedding on the big island. :)

i don't think i even have to say how much your cute creations drive me crazy with envy! you're one of those lucky people who know how to perfect the eye-nose-eye proportion + distance.

i'm sure you've mentioned this before, but what kind of clay do you use?


ha! i love him -- great idea making him clay + jointed. you're so clever!


Eek...the bear + apple combo is too cute!!


So cuuute...! I love your bears


ok - these last 2 bears are so incredible! you are so talented Myra!

Geek Freeks

Love all your stuff!!


What a little sweetie!


Just when you think something couldn't be cuter, you make something like this! Your critters are fabulous!! :)


Because of this post, and especially the previous one, I'll have to look online for mohair just for the sake of curiosity!

Myra, regardless of what your reasons are for on/off blogging, I just would like to say that I appreciate every post that you do. Moreoever, the further apart they are, the more delightful it is to see an update in the newsfeed so.....more happy talent, pretty please!


Oh you clay goddess you-- let's get offline and do some clay forums!!! amyville LOVEs my little mochi :)




Toooooo cute!!

Sally Cragin

I love your journal so much and hope you keep going w/it. I do lots of crafts but don't put them online so I need inspiration from the crafters I admire! keep it up!


he is just perfect!


totally cute!

So happy u came to my blog and saw the pouch I made from your pattern!!! How cool is that. Thanks for the inspiration. I really love that book and your animal pouches.

I'm probably going to make any other one soon (bigger one) I have way too much stuff!!


Your creations are toooo cute for words. Keep that archer guy away from the apple.


The monkey has a scarf!!!! I love it!


I love the bear with the apple they are adorable!! So sweet!!


Love the little bear. Your blog is a pleasure to browse.

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