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Beautiful. And yes, I have had the same experience with the mohair. Never did buy any.


I only ever use mohair LOL - once you try it you won't ever go back. Try alpaca - it is so lovely to sew with!


I love that his leg buttons are covered with the contrasting fabric! So sweet!


Lovely! The dotty fabric makes the bear so unique!


Your bear is so sweet! And thank you so much for posting the links - I love Komaneko!


Sometimes, I think that the need for a blogging break just happens. I'm just thrilled to see you posting today - I just love your work...

and the Komaneko links, too. You totally introduced Komaneko to me, and for that I am forever grateful!


Just a hint for your mohair. Sometimes when you get it it isn't as soft as it could be. Just give it a gentle wash and add conditioner it will come up really nicely. And although I work mainly with mohair I have a soft spot for nice plushes


The bear is so cute.


I missed you, Myra! And was worried about you, too. So happy to see little Dotty here this morning...

I can't wait to check out the Komaneko links with my daughter this afternoon, when I bring her home from Kindergarten. Thanks!


Oooooo, he looks SO SOFT!! :) And the apple is so adorable.


Yes, come join the mohair club! Once you try it you will love it. I was overwhelmed too when I looked at the catalogs--then my husband bought me some last year for my birthday. He bought me one of the most expensive types (that's love,eh!) but it was so expensive and so luxurious that it sat for over a year because I was too afraid to use it. I wanted some cheap stuff to practice on! I still haven't used it! I found the best way to get a handle on it is to try a few different types and gradually it will all make sense. Some recommendations haven't been my favorites so I think it's very individual. I got a bunch of scraps of all different kinds in a lot on ebay--and that has really helped my education.
Your bear is super cute too! And of course I'm all so curious about what you don't want to talk about about blogging. So mysterious! At any rate, nice to see a post and pics on flickr again!


ps. If you want to pout and whine--I won't mind one bit.


dotty bear is sooo cute! i love little apple too!


I love your little bear!


oh, he's so cute! I've never made jointed softies. I really should give it a try. having them stand on their own seems like such a novelty.


he is adorable! i love him sooo much!!!! aww, man, what would i have to do get one like him?

i can send you some mohair... :D

Madame M

Welcome back Myra! And that bear is adooooorable! <3


Your little bear is cute with the apple on his head.


He's so lovely! I love his polka dots too ;)

And thanks for the Komaneko links - I adore those videos!


Hi! Can anyone tell me where to buy mohair online in the U.S.? I don't have a clue. The only place I have heard of is in the U.K...


ooh your bear is so cute :D

i want to try mohair too :) but its so expensive...

wow those komaneko clips are so cute, i'll have sit down and watch them all when i have more time...


Let us hear it sometimes its good to vent. I too waited for a long time before using mohair. I have to say I love it but theresa is right it varies by person and the best place to start is with small pieces online. We love and I can say we because everytime you post a pick of one of your lovely creations so many people comment and view. If you decide to take a break we hope you will come back soon. I would miss seeing all the lovelies that you make.


this bear is just as charming as your other. they are so adorable! i love the fur & the buttons...beautiful work :]


love him... he looks so snuggly!


cute bear! the things you craft are so amazing!

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