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I still have to sneak peaks at it - it is a fabulous book I love your donkey and kangaroo!


Congrats Myra! You so, so deserve all of the best for having your softie designs featured in the book! Just love the positive energy that I get whenever I pop in here, and I'm glad that I finally got my newsfeed on time!!! Whooo hooooo!


Congratulations! Please let us know when it's available for purchase in the US!


yay yay yay myra!

Madame M

Congratulations, Myra! You're so very talented.


What a cute book. Yay for Myra!


Congrats! Your donkey looks so cute on the cover!


Wonderful! I have to have this for the donkey pattern. I'll buy it from Australia if I have to.


Yay! Congrats! I can't wait til this book comes out - I've been looking forward to it since seeing you and some of my other favourite crafty bloggers post the projects they were submitting for it. And for once a book I'll be able to get as soon as it comes out because it's published here!


That is so wonderful! Congratulations on your features. Espescially having your creation on the cover. That is big. Can it be that the donkey reminds me of one from a vintage craft book?


These softies look like they would be superfun to make. Adorable.


Oh, Famous Woman.

I'd call this grouse,

but you might get the wrong idea.


Congratulations!! I can't wait to see this one in person, I love the projects on the cover.


That's FABULOUS!!! Congrats!


Yay! Congratulations, Myra!


It looks lovely, congratulations for being apart of yet another cool book Myra! Yay for you!


Myra congratulations on such wonderful softies. My 5 yr old daughter loves your kangaroo, and I think the donkey is one of my favourites too. I am sure this will be my favourite book, and I just love all the photos of all the softies, just so inspiring.


ooh i cant wait to go check it out
i hope its out earlier here since i am in australia


congratulation myra! can't wait to see the book!


Congrats on the book, Myra! Can't wait to get this book.


I love the "Snap" fabric box and best of all it's washable!! Thanks a lot for the tutorial. It's really great!!!


congratulations on the book! looks totally adorable, and i've only seen the cover!

i am always so amazed at your talent and ability to devote time to your craft as well as your family and work. keep up the great work! but don't overdo it!


Wow! That's fantastic!! Congratulations!!


Hey there Myra =)
Your little bear is so cute!!!
Actually, I always love seeing what you've been working on, that's why I think you're a 'Rockin' Girl Blogger'!
Check out my blog for your very own 'rockin' girl blogger button!' =)

Caitlin O'Connor

CONGRATS! I saw the book on someone else's blog and said I HAVE TO make that donkey! Now to go find the book....

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