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So cute!!!!love it!


That is so cute! I love the little jacket and the tiny ami friend, just perfect!

Mel Goodsell

Ooh this is one of the sweetest little bear's that I've ever seen.


Oh hello Little Bear! If you run out of lollies you can come stay with me! :)


very cute!


Adorable! I think this one will meet Hatu the bear:


Maybe the bear needs a trip to Australia to get some Aussie things in her sack and then she could get sent somewhere else to add more...etc? Waddya think? She feels the need to travel!!!!

Mimi K

What a cutie! I especially love the pink jacket- perfect! Well, and the adorable expression on her face :-)


How cute!! An adventure...can I go too?

Madame M

You must tell me how to make it because I have a crazy toddler demanding to see OSO! OSO! OSO! on loop.

Tania Ho

Ahhh, so adorable :)


LOVE what he's bringing on the trip. Adorable!


so perfect! adorable in every way.


Myra! You are a true softie genius. I love little bear, her knapsack + goodies and the litte story.


how adorable... i love how you thought of every little detail!


great minds think alike!!!; I haven't quite finished what is in HATU's sack yet. I love the heart shaped rock btw. Beautiful.


Oh, Myra, you've outdone yourself. This is so, so cute and extremely well done. You've did it again (making me gaspand almost faint). Could you think spinning lots of stories about this adorable guy, and make movies with him? Please?


So sweet, I love his little nap sack, reminds me of when I ran away from home when I was 5:)


oh my goooooooooooood! that is so cute! (i think i say this every time i post!) if little bear would like to get to argentina next week for free, i'd be happy to take her along. (i just assumed little bear's a girl because of the pink jacket and too cute eyelashes.)

p.s. what do you do with your stuffies after you make them?

jen da purse ho

OMG THIS IS SO CUTE! the bear is so adorable and you went thru the trouble of filling up the knapsack with goodies and a picture of ma? hahah. genius! you crack me up :)


Myra, just fantastic, as always. The accessories are so great, especially the "pic of Ma!"

jenni s-g

This just made me smile. :D


LOL as always Mochi their just so cute! Lovethe little story too. :)


ack! Sooo kawaii! those eyelashes are too much!


Cute, cute, cute! Such a lovely little bear and I like all the little bits he has put together for his journey. :)

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