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How sweet! Little feet and all. Thanks for the tutorial on making da snap ting. U da bomb!


THis is adorable!!


That is just too cute!! (I think I say that every time I comment on your blog, but really I mean it!)

Also I love his little scarf - I have been trying to crochet a scarf for my amineko (he's rather cold) but I just can't get it to work properly!


just a little ornament? it's fantastic, amazing, lovely, totally cute! I can't belive you made this from papier marche??? how do you get the eyes and nose so perfect? I want to make something in clay NOW, but I know it won't look like that ever! :-) hehe


Love the little 'papier crochet' bear. For some reason he looks to me like he's actually made of milk chocolate - yum! Love the scarf too - actually, just love the whole photo set-up!


Pure cuteness!!! Great job on this.



how cute is that!!!?

wow!!I think I should give paper marche a try... looks very very good.

I wish you a great week


you so good. But you know that--don'tcha?!!!


Papier crochet! Fabulous! The cutest ever. Do his little legs swing like a bell? I love it.


It's BEARy cute!! :)

Madame M

*jumps on the bandwagon*

He is unBEARably cute!!


Oh my god! he's so adorable!! congratulations, this is a really good job. He looks like a plastic figure!


He is TOO cute -- I can't believe he's made from paper!


All I can say is that Buddy is one lucky kid! His momma doesn't mind making one beeg mess? She rocks! Myra, you are tempting me to award you with the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. No obligations except to just continue doing what you do best. So awesome!

P.S. Regarding your comment on the tako poke...lucky you if your husband goes out to catch one. 'Cause then you get your tako for FREE!!!


cute! and such a tiny scarf!


Papier crochet -- genius! And so cute too!


That's paper mache? It looks wonderful! Nice job!


You are so clever! It's beartastic!


That is SO cute that it hurts my brain :) It's really and truly wonderful!

By the way, great blog... been lurking for a couple weeks!


This is tooooo cute. I'm getting a sugar rush just looking. Awesome.


OH! You have the same blocks with letters that I had when I was a kid!! Lovely bear by the way? Is he going overseas?

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