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My favorite is the squirrel with eyes and the carrots. (-:


They look amazing and I bet fun to do:)

crafty carolinagirl

They are all so cute. Martha Stewart amazes me! I love them all, but my favorite is the lizard with the big, red tongue


Great job! The little bunny looks so real - like it could just hop away. Love pipe cleaner animals.


How fun, what a great collection you both have made!
did you see the article in an earlier "Martha" issue on how to make little animals using seashells? Hanna and I made those and they turned out really cute!

Scribbles & Bits

So cute!!!! If you're going to be exhausted, this is something fun to be exhausted from!


Excellent work on those! My mother used to do stuff like that with me all the time when I was a kid. I remember those times so fondly... you are giving a gift that will never be forgotten.


love it! who knew buddy was so bossy?


Those are so *fabulous!* You guys! You make a great team, even if the little one *does* get a little bossy... creative minds can be so temperamental, I'm told. Really amazing job, if I had to pick, I'd say the bunny was my fave.


hehe! your art director has quite an eye for photo-styling. Cute project!


Dude! Those squirrels crack me up!


AWWWWW! those are adorable <333


Eyeless squirrel? Who does he think he is, David Lynch??


how adorable! photo shoots are fun =)


They are adorable, well worth the effort!


Waaaaaaaahhhh!! You make me want to run right out and buy a whole bunch of pipecleaners so that I can make my own!

Bloglines bites! Only now (August 2) did this post show up in my newsfeed. You wouldn't by any chance have automatic email updates would you?


Super cute! Love the little guy with the carrot!


WOW! They are swish. I love that cute ickle bunny.


Oh My Gosh! Those are too cute!! I love squirrels! and bunnies!~ and baby deer! and..... :)


Hi Myra, I love all the critters, but esp. the chamelon in the tree. Guess you're also grooming a future creative genius. We all better look out for him when he grows up!


These are remarkable! I want to make some, too! :)


I think I just found Fridays art activity for school.


THAT is so COOL! Yours are perfect. Thanks for the link too. I wish that magazine was still around.
Your son is so lucky, he's learning so much from you!


post of today, I love them, they are super. That fiveyearsold are gone go far far!:)


They are brilliant - such characters! Good for you going along with a tough assignment and a demanding art director - the results are worth it though!

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