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Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas in such a adorably funny way ;-)
I will try this first thing tomorrow!!


many thanks!!!!it is so lovely and easy!!!!


Good stuff, I should make some with X-mas prints.
Oh, by the way I started to translate my blog in english (at the end of each post), but I wish I had more time to do itty bitty things SOOOO cute as you do;))

Ms. Cleaver

Fantastic and so easy! I don't have any snaps, but one made out of felt with the four "corners" sewed closed would be pretty awesome too!

Petite Main

I found your box via SewMamaSew (, it's lovely, I will surely make one!

happy zombie

This was the best toot ever. Felt like you were teaching it to Robert Kekaula (especially the 4 slice pie part). Too, too, too funny! Sigh... now I'm even more homesick.

Your idea to sew it completely finished and then seam rip out an opening is genius! SEW very akamai.


I made them for my friends for Christmas and they loved them! Thanks for putting this up!


I love it! Awesome - thanks for sharing :)

Beth Cunningham

I really need the instructions for the origami purse.
Please share!? Or tell me where to find them?!


Oh! So fab! thank you!


Oh! It just occurred to me how great these are from a storage point of view - I love the fact that they can be stored flat with other linen until they're needed, then *snap!* out comes a box! YAY!

Great stuff ...

Amy J

Oh! Love this AND loved Rowena's comment about it being like those ones for bread rolls. I love making muffins and usually will put them in a bowl or basket lined with cloth napkins, but this! Wow!! Then I could wash it each time too! Love it!! Mahalo!

Tiffany (Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool and Cats!)

How cute - and what a fun tut, thanks!

I have a snap press (bought for diaper sewing), so I'm going to try it applying the resin snaps to the inner payer before sewing it up. ;)


Qué preciosa esa cajita!Yo le llamaría panera. Gracias por el tutorial


Wow! Its so simple its brilliant! And when you dont need them........unpop them and stack them up! I'm going to make a whole bunch of them.

money funk

I have to make one of these just cuz of the hilarious tutorial! Glad to have found a great gift idea. And I am gonna have to learn pidgin! :)

RutViola Nilsson

So beatuful.
RutViola in Sweden

Rose Arrais

Lindo ... e o PAP esta impecável, Obrigada de coração

clarize carvalho



That's awesome! Thanks a lot for this tutorial!
Also, if you use waterproof fabric you can use this as a portable doggie water bowl. For those long walks in the summer with your fluffull friend! ;)


I did this project with my sewing club students (boys and girls 4th-8th grades) they loved it! Thank you!


Love this - it's so simple!


thank you very much for this tut. :) I've made one (I think i misplaced the buttons though) and I've posted a picture of mine at my new blog :)

Ana María

Just one work...Lovely.
I like your web.
Greetings from Spain.


guja guja thing! That kept me in splits for the next 5 minutes...I kept scrolling back up to read that part again and again! Lovely tutorial..thanks!

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