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hi! you are a master of very cute things. great project! i'm still not sure what my guja guja does - i have one but i've never been sure what it is (too much self-teaching!). maybe i'll try this and find out!


You should do tutorials more funny. Was you the class clown? I have been wanting to make a fabric box for a while but never got around to it. I think I'm going to make one now because it will put a smile on my face.


ho! you so smaht! I nevah tink of dat! tanks, ah? latas!


je vais me lancer avec délices dans cette fabrication!


Hilarious. I'm going to have to try this.


Genious! It looks so ease to make and it creates great impact! THANKS!!


the tutorial made me laugh out loud at work
thanks for sharing!

Katie O

I lurve da box! The littles and I are heading to the fabric store right away to pick out materials to make our own boxes. Thanks so much for the thorough and entertaining how-to!


How cool is that! I love it!! I will have to try sometime!! Thank you for the lessons!


Oh, this is fantastic! I've been looking for a little sewing project to try.

Also must say that your writeup was simply hilarious.


thanks for sharing! i like the pidgeon


lol...great tuorial..I read every word of um!


Fantastic tutorial. Thanks for sharing it! I love your material.

Laurie Ann

You one Rockin' Girl Blogger, Sistah! T'anks fo all da cute, fun ideas you share with us in Blogland!

To learn what this is all about, you may want to check my blog posting tonight and then visit to get your badge and its history!


Laurie Ann

PS I wen go buy plenny da kine snaps today, yeah? And you know exactly why!!!


Shoots, brah, I go try 'em den. :o)

Veronica TM

what a great tutorial! i was laughing all the way.


I going make one of dese tingies!! Da best part about da pattern was da pidgin! I tot I stay da oni one in da world wit pidgin in da blog! Yeehaw!

Eh. Can unnastand da instructions mo betta cuz stay in pidgin.

Shaka da post! Shaka da box! Shaka da dialog!

My rating: One one scale of 10? 15 easy!


Oooo this is brilliant! I've been looking for something to hold all those little bitty baby things on the changing table and I think this is perfect.



Funny girl. I can just hear the conversation take place. Great tutorial!



This makes me want to sew a little circle box (and I don't even know how to sew!)

It also makes me want to hang out with you - I've long admired your mad crafty skillz, but you've got a wicked funny sense of humor too!

Thank You!


hey, did you see that this tutorial was listed on the craft zine blog? congrats!

Evelyn Lum

I like it! It is so cool and yet easy to make!! What a nice thing to make and give away, filled with goodies of course!! Thank you for sharing.


So, if I go Kaimuki Dry Goods and ask for a guja guja ting, dey gonna laugh at me or wot?

Mahalo nui loa! Great project. I'm gonna make plenny kine.


Oh Myra, great box- great lesson in pidgin for a mainlander like me. I enjoyed it all very much!


I laughed so hard at your pidgin! Oh, and the tute is good too! I love the line "if come all pilau"! Crack me up!

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