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You ARE the BOMB! I had seen something that resembled this...a bigger square thingy that was supposed to be for serving bread rolls, and I thought how easy, yeah sure, like I'll go through with making one.

You on the other hand give us full on instructions with color photos. Can I just repeat the first sentence again? Have a great week! ;-)


OMG! That's hilarious + you rock! I have to try one of these!


Thanks a lot for that super funny tutorial ;)


Best. Tutorial. Ever! The fun factor makes me want to try it out even more!


Love this tutorial! Thanks!


I want to make one of these - straight to the store tomorrow for snaps. Thank you - it's just soooooo cute. I think it could be may standard gift from now on.


Freakin' brilliant. But where's Mr. Incredible? So sad.


Wow Wow Wow-- the Instructional Designer in (that day job thing!) is amazed and proud--great tutorial!


This is the kind of thing I want to see in a craft book. Hilarious (and cute, too)! Thanks, Myra!




Myra! You saved me a lot of time in trying to figure out a pattern for a little fabric box. We have a leather/felt one that we use all the time to hold keys and I've been wanting to duplicate it for years! Thank you!!! And love the commentary/tutorial!!!


mahalo for sharing your local-talk tutorial! that's a really cute box - i love your fabric!


fan-tas-tic! my favorite line? "i tired already. almost pau?" --> that would soooo be me! thank you for the best tutorial i've ever read. :) now if only i can actually make it as cute as you ... it would make the best gift for xmas/hanukkah this year.

(do all hawaiians know pidgin? i mean, do you just pick it up? my friend, originally from hawaii, just finished her phd in education and her dissertation was somehow related to pidgin.)

Passions & Distractions

Amazing box! And such a fun tutorial!

Lisa K.

Hey, sistah! Da tutorial? Da cute!

I love the fabric you used, too. Add me to the gotta-getta-snaps group. I've gotta make me one!

Thank you for the instructions.


Best tutorial ever! And the fabric boxes --too cute. Will have to get over my "hate to sew on snaps" so I can try one.


Wow, so simple and what a funny post!


oh, that's fun. Thanks!

Madame M.

Tanks fo' make da pattern, eh?


Wow! Hey, so good!


no way. that was too easy. okay, I didn't try it yet but watching you make it... too easy.

btw, do you say butsu-butsu when your sweaters pill? maybe thats just me, but by your guja guja it sounded similar. okay, one more, the window cleaning bottle is the shoosh shoosh and the remote is the boodger(pronounced BUU-DGER). Hmmm, yes, it might be just me.


Hooo good your pidgen stay! I wonder if dea get some people who no can undastand. My fada wen talk lidat when I was young so I geffun. Anyway, keep up da great work! Laters!

Dawn Castro

Thank you for the really fun posting! I am off to find some fabric so that I can make a box! Way cool!

Laurie Ann

Eh, Myra, howzit? I no can decide if was more fun to read your pidgin (an totally undastan it) or see your finished box...aah,da whole ting real good! T'anks, ah?


hello!!! i make clothes and not that many crafts, but i love what you made here. and i love your choice of fabrics!! i'm awfully tempted to make something like that myself now, except i'll just use my machine to finish it up. thanks!!

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