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Laurie Ann

What is it? I say it's obvious that it's a cute! Love your creatures!

Sue at nobaddays

I was about to comment and say the same. Definitely a cute!


it's definitely cute with a cat-ish face and bear-ish ears!


It is so cute that it defies definition. That's how I see it!

Miss Dot

I can't see if it has a tail? if so then I think it is a baby Kangaroo! :-)


i think bear! -- if you change the mouth you can make it a pig =)


How about Marty Feldman?

Madame M

I think it looks more like a little prairie dog.


Whatever it is, I love its beady blue eyes.


Chihuahua-- mostly because of the eyes. The ears aren't quite hua ears, but maybe a hua/cat cross. Ouch -- some romance.


maybe a bear. If you put some whiskers on it, maybe a cat. - I don't know what the rear looks like, so that could be the deciding factor.

Of course, I once went to the zoo and hear a child exclaim that he was going to look at the "bear squirrel". It was some kind of sloth. So, you can come up with your own cute name to match the cutey creation.


Crazy bear! Cat's have pointier ears.


Definitely adorable, but it should be whatever YOU say it is. People shouldn't change your creations like that - silly, silly people!


I say bear.


I vote bear! Also: Cute!

Karen K

baby possum - cute!


it's a cute-ish!


I'm not sure it matters what it is - it's just yummy!


You should definitely write out patterns for all these critters. You have so many of them you could put them together into a book. I'd buy one. They are the cutest little crocheted things I've ever seen.

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