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Your tiny bunny is way too cute for words. I can only dream of doing such work. Adorable.

Jen Da Purse Ho

that is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! i have one of the pattern books you have at home. one thing i can't figure out...what size thread and hook do you use to make them? :)


Gorgeous bunny. I think you should name her Marshmallow because she's so sweet and fluffy!


Tired? Never!! You are such an artist, Myra. This is another terrific project. Love it.


tiny=crazy cute


Oooo, I love little teeny bunnies in pink dresses sitting on top of fruit. Thanks for making my day! :) tee hee


so cute! :) btw, this is the scanner I have:

I've only used it for photographs, but it does an excellent job. :) I had another, smaller (and cheaper) canon before this one and it worked great too! until I lent it to a friend and he moved and it got "misplaced"...


one of these days you are going to totally inspire me to crochet, even though i am not overly fond of it! i too, love miniatures and had that same obession when i was a kid.


soooo cute!!! I think ruby would be a good name for her :-)


SUPER cute! I don't have the patience (or the manual dexterity) to make tiny things, but I love them so! As for scanners, I have the Canoscan 4200F. Seems to work fine, and it was reasonably priced!


usagi chan is darling!


Tired of a chibi dango? Tired of life!


Absolutely precious!

I completely understand your love for making things on the TINY side :)


very cute bunny - i'm accustomed to naming my son's animals "mr bear", or "mr penguin" -and he actually likes that.


Garsh! Love it. Now I'm thinking you should work on making a teeny tiny house! If you do - can I come over to play with it?


I can't ever imagine getting tired of these. Ever!

And thank you for the link to the shopping penguin - you made Schecky's day with that! (and, therefore, mine too. Although, really? You had *me* at the chibi dango bun...)


Where do you get your crochet patterns from or do you make them up?


i love tiny things too! your patience and creativity are continually impressive!

did you think of a name for her yet? how about "daisy" since she has the flower on her? kinda corny, but fitting.

if you're still wondering about the scanner, i'm a diehard epson user. my epson perfection 1650 has lasted for 5 years without any major problems (touch wood) and i think the price has probably fallen quite a bit. as for archival inks, i'd say epson too. there are several different kinds, i think. one of my epson printers uses claria, but you can also go with a printer that uses durabrite.

good luck!

Account Deleted

i use the epson perfection 4180. goes up to a massive resolution and has an attachment to scan negatives too. has been very reliable.


I love these little animals you make. I always wanted to make a Noah's ark with lots of animals, but that's not really where my talents lie. You could though!

Beverley Hooper

Oh so sweet, i would call her 'lil bun, if you ever get tired of playing with her i have a loving home waiting here! hee hee hee Bev xx

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