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hmm...the strawberry carpet is so cute. Did you make it also? :-)


Aww..Pippi is adorable...and you got the re-ment strawberry set too...isn't it the cutest ;)


i like the short dress. it reminds me of the really short ones that were worn in the 60's by little girls. i guess they really were too short then and a girl should show a little modesty! anyway, she is so cute! hope you're slipping back into the blogging groove! and....not long till the book is published. that will be exciting. if they have a launch i was thinking i might slip across the tasman and attend!


If sporadic posting means smiling at such delightful handiworks such as these, then I can wait! I'm here suffering through a bad cold, but you just made my day!! Thanks :-)


My cell phone wouldn't mind a prototype... cuuuute!


She is so cute, I love her short dress, the strawberry she is standing on and the red cats underneath.


pippi is so cute as are all your mini ami's! i know how a trip can throw blogging off-i only went to the big isle for a few days last month, and blog reading is about all i can handle for a while now...i haven't posted since being back....


Pipi is a very sweet girl, i love her and her lovely strawberry table too!!


Adorable. Would have had no idea about the feet! The name Pippi suits her. Do you make up the designs from scratch yourself? They are so sweet. Found your blog yesterday and I love it! :)


too cute!! how are these made?!


all this itty bitty just amazes me. you rock myra!


Girl, you're killin' me with the darlingness!! She is absolutely wonderful. And nobody else would have noticed the feet. :) I love her pigtails!


SO cute!!! love the pigtails!!!


those pig tails and miniature background pieces are killing me!


so cute and so tiny! you can't really notice the shoes...



j vorwaller

dear pippi, you are so darling!!! :D nevermind those backwards feet, they'll make you dance even cooler! :D


i am recovering from knee surgery and to see pippi so sweet and cute - one of my fav book as i a swede- that made my day. thank you! thank you! thank you!


I just love your amigurumi! I also love the fact that your blog has such a variety of interesting and astehtically pleasing photos, I honestly have to admit to a guilty pleasure of mine, which is using your really cute amigurumi pictures as my backgrounds for my computer desktop. :-) I'm also from Hawai'i, although I go to school in the continental U.S. and I love how you incorporate local culture into your blogposts, it makes me feel kind of connected to home visually and literally. :-) But how do you get your amigurumi to be that small? I can figure out what fibers you use but I don't understand how you manage to crochet them so small. :-) I would love it if you could please give me some pointers. Thank you!


I'm having trouble getting into a blogging groove myself after being with out the net for a few weeks.
See is cute. I think my favorite yet! Love the hair.

le chat qui coud

i love them all!!! this is soo cute!!!!!


Where is the link for this???!?!?!?!??!?!?!? it it soooooo cute i want to make it so badly!!!!!!!!!!!

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