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stephanie s

you should have known better....

stephanie s

ps... the nunchucks are excellent.


That's too cute!
Good luck with getting that little guy out of the way so you can get back to your sewing!

Account Deleted

ha ha! kick ass (quite literally) - this made me laugh so hard. thankyou x


OHHHHHH! He is my ABSOLUTE favourite out of the lot!!!!!

Imagine, a mini ninja mooching around your sewing table!

I am liking the look of your top/dress!


maybe he can cut out your fabrics for you, i bet the star will double as that!


Love your ninja ;)


The eyebrows - he looks so furious! Wonderful little fella! (*hakushu, hakushu*)


aww, that is the cutest thing! so so fun. love your project (and blog!).


You're quite the brave girl! I'm not sure that I would have invited a ninja into the house...

Unless he was bearing some of your banana bread. Then, I'd risk it... 'cause I do love your banana bread recipe!


Oh my! An amigurumi ninja! You are too cool!


that hilarious...and your work in progress looks interesting...a dress maybe?


that is why i *never* invite the ninjas on my porch in for o-cha! ;)

cute top -- can't wait to see how it turns out.


Oh my gosh, one of the cutest things ever! I love him! I wish I could crochet.


ooo, the sewing is looking v e r y interesting. :) great fabrics! i look forward to seeing the finished result.


Is that black flowery piece part of something larger, or a very hip little bra-let thing to be worn by itself? Either way, it's beautiful, I love the fabric! But if it's a bra-let thing, I'll just admire it in that way that says "that's really nice, but I could never ever wear that", which I find myself saying about more and more things!

Sweetest ninja! Are the nunchuks made from bamboo skewers? Oh, and I just noticed that he has a throwing star too! Dangerous little guy, watch yourself!

Karen K

So cute! My mom would love it -- she has a ninja troll doll! Do you have an etsy store? Great work as always, down to the photos as well. - Karen


ah! he's so cute! can't wait to see what you're sewing.


You are my hero. My sewing hero. In fact I am going to call you on the phone and sing you a song about how awesome you are. Er. Don't pick up the phone.


It looks like he's holding your sewing machine hostage. He must be looking for a sparring partner to work on earning his black belt.


LMAO, you crack me up with all your little people and animals. Your awesome!


He! He! Crouching Tiger, Hidden Seam (or something!)


love the little ninja! he's cute but also TOUGH!!


So funny this little ninja! love him :p


oh, so cute ninja (my son calls them ninjers, he also calls Franklin the turtle a ninjer...)
He looks a bit angry, maybe too much

OMG, I just noticed the nunchucks, too funny!

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