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myra, you are so clever, the little charms are adorable! prairie and i are going to celebrate girls day tomorrow!! happy girls day to you!!


Happy (soon to be) girls day! And congrats on getting through all your extra work stuff! It must feel nice to be done. I do the same thing--get sick after a big project. I think stress keeps me going, and then when the stress is gone, then my body finally gives in. I was sick during every holiday in college.


Gah- SO soon? I need to buy my daughter the dolls and platforms stat! Can't let her first girls' day slip through the cracks!


What I'd give for a mum like yours.

And the boy sounds like a dish...

(that's a good thing).


how great to have a boy that is excited to celebrate girl's day! :)
thanks for the reminder, I've been wanting to celebrate this (somehow) for the past few years and keep forgetting.
LOVE your tags!


Have a wonderful Girls Day!
Love those charms! (and everything else)


Thank you so much for informing me of this very sweet holiday! My daugters birthday party is tomorrow, and I just finished making her a japanese style doll- I had no idea, how perfect! And PS- I love your blog!


*love* your cards and charms, so cute.

so that's what chichi mochi looks like. after more than 30 years being away from hawaii, my dad still talks about all the food he's missing.


ooooh! hinamatsuri! i'm so glad that i'm having a girl so that i can celebrate that day :) she's gonna miss it this year but next? we're gonna have a lot of fun.

that chichi mochi looks delicious! what's in it that makes it special? something red colored, i'm guessing.


I was not at all familiar with the concept of "Girl's Day" - a completely new holiday to me...

But you know what,I can wholeheartedly endorse a holiday that is celebrated with such cute dolls and yummy treats!

A very Happy Girl's Day to you!
(and thanks for the introduction to this fab tradition...)

Passions & Distractions

Happy Girl's Day to you!!!! And thank you for sharing pcitures of your cute cute creations!!!!


girls day?! oh my! what a perfect holiday! :D


Happy girl's day! What a very fun card from Bud.


Happy Girl's Day! I wish I was Buddy's are always so thoughtful and creative in your gift-giving. And I can see you probably got that from your dear mother. That mochi looks delicious!


Those kokeshi dolls are SO cute! Can you please tell me where you got the doll-shaped beads?


Wow - this is like REGULAR school? Or is it Japanese school? Wow! Life in Hawaii!! I don't think I ever had a teacher who had the first clue what Girls' Day WAS. This is so wonderful!

Ann C

I remember getting those really fancy long paper bags filled with candy and treats.
Its great being a girl!


Ohhh, wow. Are those cookies from the Saint Germain Bakery in Shirokiya? *drools* Everything from that bakery looks sooo good.

AND OMG. Those cards are adorable! I wish I was crafty. I'm so sad to be born with messy, clumsy hands and fingers.

Those kokeshi charms are also very cute. I wish I was Bud's teacher.

Bud is so cute. Yes, it is oh-so-wonderful to be a girl. ^_^~


charms are so cute! mochi looks so ono! and i love buddy's card - so happy! happy hina matsuri!


I totally forgot it was Girl's Day. I just think of it as my Mom's bday.


Kawaii!! Happy Girl's Day to you, Myra. I love the chiyogami girls and I'm now lusting for mochi:)


Oh Myra, I had been looking forward to this post... you made it even cuter than last year! Your charms are so adorable and so are the cards... and your mom's chichi mochi looks heavenly.
Happy Girl's Day to you!


Happy Girls Day! I wish this holiday was universally celebrated. I freaking LOVE it!!


Greetings from Finland! I was looking at the animals and thingies you've made. How cute, they made me quite cheerful, although I'm ill in bed.


So how lucky girl you are!!! i'm french but i love this beautiful festival, this is so gorgerous!!!and i love Kokeshi Doll!!!

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