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I keep everything just like you. My husband always consults me before he throw something away. All my ex-roommates did the same thing. :-)


BTW: your small dimsum steamers are so cute.


I had a large collection of plastic scoops from baby formula. But I saw the light and gave them to the kids to use in the sandpit in the end.


Since our daughter arrived I am admit about keeping the small, plastic, rectangular containers that her food comes in. They even had perfect little resealable lids!!! I mean, really, these are just the perfect little containers...i just COULDN'T throw them out! :)

Jen da Purse Ho

I tend to keep alot of containers b/c i think "oh i can use this SOMEHOW!" it's such a bad packrat/crafter mentality.

i love your little steamer baskets too. they are so itty bitty. are these just the normal sized small baskets? they look smaller to me. can i ask where you got them at?


Someone gave me one of these, and I just love it! I think they paid $5 for it, which is crazy when you think of what the raw materials are worth!


I have little coffee cans filled with possible craft things. Sometimes I label them, mostly I don't and then lose them. Right now, I know I have one labeled "sock monkey bits" (pieces of socks that can be used for monkeys), and one that has the little plastic and wire bits that hold toys into their boxes. And of course a tower of small plastic cups and bowls from yogurt et al.

I love your repurposing of a bottle top!

jennifer | creatingfromscratch

Man what a cute pincushion!


I keep wine corks. And little paper bits with nice patterns or small pictures on them. And containers that I think can be used again...for something...
Lovely post today! You've inspired me to look around & see what I cna repurpose.


yay mini pincushion tutorial! finally something to do with those darn water bottle caps. i find it hard to throw everything away...then come the lectures about crap everywehre--eep! i'm about to throw away about six small orangina bottles...thought i'd do something with them but they're just sitting on the counter so they're getting recycled. unless anyone wants them :)


Haha, I'm just like you! My sister gets really irritated with me and calls me a pack rat, though. But I just know I'll get a chance to use it...someday. ^.~


Ha! It's great to hear of someone else who can't throw away a bottle cap! My husband thinks I'm completely looney for it. I'll have to show him your post so he knows I'm not the only one!
You are so right about finding one in a different color or design. I'm wacko for ones like that.


It would be easier to list what I *don't* keep ;) I'm getting better though...only because I'm running out of space in our wee little house :p.

I love the pinchusion and the steamer basket!!


Magazines, definitely. And old books. I don't even want to give them away! I usually cut out articles and store them nicely according to their categories, so I'll know where to look for them. Otherwose, I'd be hanging like a bat at night to sleep for the lack of room.


It's cute. It's the first time, I've ever seen a ring pincushion.




I collect glass jars, spaghetti jars, salsa jars etc. I just think I'll be able to use them somewhere down the line.


Magazines. They are so expensive now - especially the craft ones or home decor. I just can't part with them. I once went through and cut all my fav bits out and put them in a file. Not the same. I prefer them whole and I like to revisit them like old pals.


Oh! And champagne & wine corks! Washing powder scoops too come to think of it. Nice biscuit tins - the sort you get at Christmas with shortbread and caramels in them.


I read your blog quite often but I never left a comment so far.
But this time I thought I should leave you a note.
Acutally there is a way to use bottlecaps. In German rubber stamp clubs we use them for a rubber stamp picture, fill it with 3D glaze, decorate it with glitzer items and put it on a card or use it as a pin to your cloths.

Best regards,


I too keep plastic bottle caps. My Paper Crane used to have tut on how to make pill containers out of them. You cutting off the top of the bottle leaving a little bit of the neck and glueing a matching bottle cap over the cut off section...

I keep plastic containers and other bits and peices ever since I visted this site about making mini scenes from recycled stuff:


Oh my. Don't get me started. I am the queen of packrats! It drives everyone crazy! I once had to give my husband a lecture about dumping a chandelier from a job. He's a carpenter. He said, "I brought you the crystals from the last one!" I asked, "So why not bring me the crystals from this one?" which was bigger by the way. He said he thought I had enough. I said, "I NEVER have enough!" He Heh. Yes, containers, magazines, bottlecaps, cardboard, cardboard tubes, fabric, paper, windows from envelopes, etc., etc, etc. Some people say I have a disease.


I keep everything as well. You just never know. I have co-workers saving bottle caps for me now.

I still haven't found a craft for single serving yogurt cups yet. They used to come with lids and that was so useful. Now that the companies have switched to the foil tops, other than using them for mixing things, I don't know what else to do with them.


I used to keep those baby food jars, but never did anything with them. So they got recycled. But I keep beer bottle caps--the metal ones. I have a huge tub of them. I like to make pendants and magnets out of them. Of course, I have too much even for a lifetime!


thats super cute! I like to re-use or recycle everything, my husband also doesnt know what to keep or what to throw out... I keep a basket of 'stuff' that I can possibly use for crafts with the kids (like the many wire pieces that hold down toys I use as 'arms' for space people - the body is made of tp cardboard and head is a plastic toy holder, the ones from toy machines, with a picture inserted inside) my kids love making those things. you can also use the wire as stems for recyled paper flowers. I make space cars from baby tissue wipe containers, with the plastic bottle caps as wheels... wow, I am a junk collector!

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