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When I was born, the first soft toy given to me at the hospital was a sky blue plush kangaroo with a removable Joey. These purple beauties are even more 1975 than my birthday original. Gorgeous stuff, Myra! And congratulations on the book, too.


these are fantastic! i can't wait to see the book


They are gorgeous! I love all your plushies but like Karen in Wichita, I hate to point out that Papa kangaroos don't have pouches. :S But perhaps these guys are pioneers in the area of marsupial child-rearing they are going to share child care equally!

Anyway, congrats on the book, I can't wait til it comes out!


Very cute 'roos. I love their eyes and happy faces. The little chicky is adorable. I love their messenger bags, too. They are just way cool:)


Way too cute...Love how the baby roos actually go into the pockets and the bitty chick is just so cute!


So adorable! Love the accessories.


These are spectacular. I LOVE the baby.


Me encanta tu blog, haces cosas muy hermosas
Sigue así que todas aprendemos


am i the only one that gets all happy and excited to see that you have a new post? knowing full well that i well be amazed and inspired by your work, your heart, and your creativity. thanks for making a bright spot between loads of laundry, dragging kids every which way, and general housekeeping. You are inspiring. I wish you could see all the work i have done after looking at your work. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Veronica TM

the whole family is soooo cute! congratulations on having your patterns on a book!


I'm not any good a crochet things, But you've inspried me to mush on! I love all of your design's and have read almost all of your tutorials. Now I have even more reason to study crafting!


What an amazing job! They're sooo cool - now I don't know how I feel about having my simple patterns next to your brilliant ones!? He he.....I contributed with these 2 patterns for "Softies":
I am REAL exited ;o)


Myra, the Roo family is simply amazing - you are a master! I love the colours (who would've thought of a purple roo??) and their accessories, including the sweet little chick. Wonderful.


beautiful and funny!! looking forward to the book


so adorable Myra! --and a book! how exciting.


The Family Roo is just simply perfection...

And I'm excited to hear that you're going to be published (again??? This isn't the first time, is it???)


Good lord, you are unstoppable.


sooo cute and sooo clever!


love your roo family and amigurumi animals -the monkeys are my favorite! and about the weird things - i felt the wasabi up my nose!


Hi Little Roos! You guys are too sweet for words.


Oh my word they're adorable and the colours and fabric are great too. You're so talented.

Carmencita Vargas

Soy Carmencita, de chile.Te felicito por tu blog lo conoci hoy encanto la familia gustaria conseguir el libro con los patrones de la familia roo pero en chile no lo hay.¿puedes poner el patron en tu blog o hacermelo llegar por correo.escribeme por favor a mi coreo para ponerneos de acuedo.Gracias anticipadas y nuevamente felicidades.

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