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I am totally in awe - I have been trying to make a decent kangaroo for a couple of months so I know how tricky they are. Yours are perfect!!

Nora in CT

I adore all of your charming little creations (even the cookies!) but just had to comment on the Roo family. Totally captivating! I love Mama's crochetted accessories and Papa's bag with the itty bitty chick, but especially I love how the joeys have the print fabric all the way up to the chinnychinchins as opposed to the parents. For some reason this totally delights me. If I lived in Hawaii, I'd love to take a class from you on how to make these small things so perfectly. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

Jessica Hood

these are beyond fabulous!


The Family Roo is incredible...!! but i am in love with that little tweety! Aww!


amazing! love the color!!!

Karen in Wichita

Would this be a bad time to point out that male 'roos don't have pouches?

(Other than that... the colors, the faces! They're great)


dude you make the cutest shit. amazing!


These are incredibly stunning. You have magic hands.


So cute!!


woo hoo! patterns! can't wait.

stephanie s

wonderful, and congratulations on being in the book, very cool.


Gorgeous, my daughter would love those, she's really into kangaroos. She loves the idea that they carry their babys around all the time.


Aaawww, so cute! I especially like the finger puppet roo, and the little baby chick! Let's hear it for inter-species adoptions!

Account Deleted

How cute! and a book called "softies" sounds like a wonderful treat!

Passions & Distractions

How exciting!!!! I'm so glad to find out I'll have a chance to craft them!!!


They are so cute. Congrats for having your patterns in the book.


so charming! I especially love the two fabrics together. And that the joeys are finger puppets. beautiful work


OMG your killing me. that is beyond cute! LOVE the polka dots with the purple.


SUPER cute!


Too much, it's too much cuteness.


I don't read your blog (or sadly, any blogs lately!) nearly as often as should and I didn't know about the book! I'll be the first in love, I just love your little softies.



So amazing, I'm speechless


The cutest little family ever. Congrats on the book...cannot wait to see it!


...which will be a best seller, no doubt, if your project is any indication of the featured work! Congratulations!


So nicely done, Myra! I love that the joey is a finger puppet! Brilliant. I'm so excited to have my patterns in a book with yours! Very cool.

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