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I think it's discrimination to say that Papa kangaroos can't have a pouch.
Papa kangaroos have a right to have a pouch.
That's what I think.


Hey, you can plink if you want to. (You can leave your friends behind...)

Your roos are super cute! So cute that I cannot look at them without squeaking! I can't wait to see the book.


Happy anniversary! I hope you get to relax a little soon.


The Roos are a delight (and hey, I'm an Aussie...I think a Male Roo with a pouch is a great idea!). Happy blogversary.

Long Story Longer

Happy blogiversary! I love to stop by and see your lastest projects :)


As always, it is a delight and an addiction to pop in and see what is new!


Me, me, I want to win the prize! MEEEEEE!

Papa Kangaroo was merely being a good and resourceful dad by styling up his own Babybjorn carrier packs - that's what I thought.


Happy Blogiversary! I love all your creations and hope for another great creative year for you!


it's good to challege a stereotype
every once in awhile ;)

i thought these were great!


Oh yes I didn't mean to be picky about the Papa pouch or anything, I think they're all great! ;)

Happy Blogiversary! ♥


You're going to be in another book, woohoo. I'm so glad!

caroline - jayne panico

Happy Anniversary from a cold girl wrapped up in the UK! I wish I was in a pouch.....:)


Congrats on your roos! They are too cute! Please keep us posted when the books is ready for sale... I'll be first in line... are you offering autographed copies?? wink wink... I'd spring for one of those! LOL!


happy anniversary!

charlie pOp

thanks for the nice comment about Elliot's birthday, Myra !
I'm a little ashamed, i don't post many comments since Elliot's birth !
But i still have an eye over your blog and Flickr ! And i didn't get that i followed your blog almost since it starts ! Happy Aniversary to My little Mochi ! :)


Adorable, and I think all Kangaroos should have pouches and be purple!


Hi from Japan!
It's the first time for me to leave you a comment!
Roos are soooooooooooo cute, and the others are too!!!!
I'm so happy to find out your blog, and am very excited to see them all now!

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