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i love gau - it's the one thing i look forward to chinese new year's - i think i gotta get some gau now....


That is Regina Spektor, no? Hooray! I'm going to see her in Manchester next week. Hooray!!
I *love* the 'ouch' embroidery; it's just lovely



Love Regina Spektor and the OUCH! embroidery - adorable!


love the embroidery. what kind of stitches are you using to fill in the letters? is that on linen?


It's Cantonese NianGao. NianGao around Shanghai is something similar to Japanese Mochi.;-)
Is the "ouch" going to end up to a pincusion?


That looks so yummy. And the story is so nice. It is nice to hear that people are caring and polite and sweet despite bad situations.


thats a cute kids website... and the tako is too adorable! I can't wait to get my hands on some gau too this year - love it.

Sara, The Wine Mskers wife

Congrats on the Tako mention. He is quite adorable. Love your blog!

Nada Jones

love the embroidery, i just finished up a massive cross-stitch project myself...


can't wait to see your finished project.
thanks for sharing the links...makes me really want to clean my son's room up and clear the clutter!


maybe its going to go on a hot water bag cozy?


Ah, nien gao -- at least that's what they call them here. I never know what to do with them come Chinese New Year, but I always look forward to frying them with sweet potatoes and yam, they make good afternoon treats! :)


Just recently discovered your blog - coincidentally I just received a package of poppyseed-covered mochi (yum!). Wonder if the rings would work as mini-ponytail holders? Were they knitted? They're cute!


Love the ouch - can't wait to see it completed. All I can think of is something along the lines of a "boo-boo-bunny"?

Rachael Ramos

I love that you noticed and took the time to mention the behavior of the women in the fender bender. It's a "glass half full" kind of thing. And I love that you self-corrected yourself from "strangest" to "nicest". It shouldn't be considered strange in our society when people react kindly to one another, even in less than ideal circumstances.
Thanks for that.

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