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I'm right with you on #2. My neighbours must surely hate me.

mimi k

How did I miss those fabulous monkeys?! And such a cute kitty. These are great!


You and Max are the same with #2. He'll listen to a song for days, or at least until mama's head explodes, whichever comes first.


What a sweet little kitty.

I'm with you on #1, #2 [which drives my husband batty] + #4 [but replace peppers with ginger]. =)


#3 is a skanky whore.


Yeah, I can't for the life of me drink coffee every morning! I get real jittery, and once, I drank an expresso and was tossing and turning the whole night. Caffeine has not claimed this victim yet! *proud*


i think you are just THE MOST-EST fabulous crafter ever!!! hee hee. if you ever decide to teach classes, i will be the first one in line! :) i can't believe you live in HI. i just found your blog and check it daily (just in case you post something new). i have a lot to catch up on and i have to say, your blog really makes my day. much mahalos for all the hard work that goes into it!


mmmmm wasabi, and number 4 sounds just like me always trying and hoping my tastebuds may have changed since a last attempt at something - sometimes it does work eventually! I love it!! and your kitty is just devine.


Another little cutie! I can't beleive you are a novice crocheter. I just did my first bit of crochet/amigurumi yesterday and managed to make some kind of head-like shape albeit with a few holes. I find it hard to read the Japanese patterns though, but I will keep trying, thanks for sharing your inspiring projects ;)


I can do #2 when I'm driving in the car alone...though now my son likes a particular song when we drive and keeps requesting to play it again and again...


You're addicted to MAKING THEM, I'm addicted to LOOKING AT THEM! :) Darling! :)

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