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I can't wait to try the recipe! They look beautiful AND delicious!


I saw this wisted yesterday by several different people. After a quick trip to pick up the cranberries, I have my own yummy batch to savor! Thanks for posting the recipe.


i'll have to try the cranberry bars, they look so yummy!


oh yum, those sound divine. and those bunny bowls are darling...and i love your three dollar shoes! and the red theme running through all the photos! lovely.


as everyone else already mentioned - these photos are fantastic. wonderful how you have the same theme running thorughout with the red and beige. great recipe too.


Those bars look so good, I want to make them right now! I found them one day at Starbucks when I went looking for my (all time favorite) cream cheese pumpkin muffin, and the guy behind the counter informed me they no longer had them, but I should try the cranberry bliss bar.. and a connection was made. ^_^


I'd like to know where you got the bunny bowls too! Also, I'm making the Cranbery Bliss Bars tonight - just picked up the ingredients at the grocery store.

Thanks for sharing! :D


Lovin' those bunny bowls!!!
BTW thanks for postcard swap advice. I got a swap put together over at flickr.
If you want to ck. it out or join search for Valentine's day postcard swap.


Be careful! I am drooling over your cake and bunny bowl! lol.:D

Heather T.

Bunny bowls? Gingham spoons? $3 red shoes? Are you in Heaven or what??? (I know I would be!!)


This is my first time commenting, but I just had to after you posted this recipe. I love these bars from Starbucks and I cannot wait to make them! Oh the joy you have brought me!


the photos were so good i had to give it a shot. it's in the oven now, and i can't wait!


those look so yummy maybe we'll try them to take to my mom's for dessert tonight! Thanks for the recipe!


Those shoes are great! I think I need a new pair of red shoes now. And the bunny bowls are so fun!


Oh those shoes are so lovely--vintage shoes are the best! Your cranberry bars look delish, I can't wait to try it out this weekend, although cranberries are hard to find here. I'll try to substitute them with dried peaches and see...


The bowls and the shoes and the bars are all perfection!

Have you seen this kimono and accompaniments site, Myra? Some of the obi patterns are interesting, but quite mannish. Some good ideas, anyhoo!:


just tried these yesterday...they are fantastic! thanks for sharing the recipe!

dust bunny

those bowls!!! they are SO adorable! where did you get them??

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