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love the shoes! i've always wanted a pair of red shoes...and the cranberry bliss bars look so ono - thanks for sharing the recipe!it wasn't raining where i live in kaneohe, tho' i could see rain towards kailua - i stayed in all day....


Those bunny bowls are adorable! Yum!


I love this cranberry filled post. The bars look delicious and the shoes [both pairs] are SO cute.


Those bunny bowls are great! I love them ♥


Where did you find the adorable bowls? They are too cute! And the yumminess inside the bowls looks just heavenly.


Love the bunny bowls!


the bowls are too cute!


Mmm - they sound really good and your bunny bowls are perfection!

sara luzia

Awww!!! u made me hungry! It's so lovely!
I take this oportunity to tell you I loved seeing/reading you in the "Crafter's Companion". Luv your work! :)


those bars look so yummy! It is amazing all the "shades of cranberry" you have captured.....{love the shoes}.....


Bunny bowls and red gingham spoons?! Be still my heart! :D


Every thing here is so yummy/cute/adorable!! Ack!!!!


This sounds great!


What gorgeous photos. Everything looks soooo beautiful, down to the water on the sidewalk. And I bet those cranberry bars are ten times BETTER than the Starbucks ones. The bowls are fantastic.


mmmm, those cranberry bliss bars look DEElicious! they are totally tickling my sugar craving :)


oh these look good.


Mmmh they look good! I don't know the taste of cranberries actually. One day I will have to try. The bunny bowls are lovely. I'm so envious of you being able to go out and buy a Japanese magazine just like that! On the other hand it's probably better for my wallet. When I lived in Japan I used to buy too many craft books.

jenny vorwaller

those look SO yummy! thank you for sharing the recipe! :)*


I love the shoes! And thanks for sharing the recipe, I saw those and was like I wonder if she would share the I scrolled down and was like YES!!


I love the shoes! Thanks for sharing the recipe too, they look yummy.


It does all look bliss-inducing! I bet everything just tastes better in a bunny bowl...

Spent the weekend cheering on Tadd - such a cutie! Have you ever seen anyone who just looked so thrilled to be doing what he was doing? He, too, seemed blissful....


Those cranberry bliss bars look so scrumptious! Yum! I love your bunny bowls (I'm born in the year of the rabbit!) Can you tell me where you got your Cotton and Paint? I met someone who works at Hakubundo and he said they could order it for me with the ISBN number, but if you got it locally, then I could just go pick one up.


Love those bunny bowls and your cute shoes!


mmmmmm! looks so good. love the pictures and love the shoes! i must try the recipe.


What a great lazy day! I love days like these! Thanks so much for the recipe! Do you know how many grams is a cup?

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