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crafty champloo

Those are the cutest things I've ever seen - beautifully made! And I love your "location" shots for each one :)


what cute chibi dangos! my favorite is black pup....


You did a good jobmaking the chibi dangos. My favorite is the black pup too!

Ann C

Your little Chibi Dangos are wonderful!
Its fun to see what people are making, thanks again for sharing these photos of your work!
I've been making miniature bears and such for years and over time accumulated quite a collection. The smallest crocheted bears I have are 1/4 inch , I even have some sewn (turned and stuffed and jointed) that are that size. Those were made using facile ( a thin ultrasuede).
I should take some pics and post them on my blog to share too! :)
PS. I love mochi too!


Oh my, what teeny tiny little cuties! And I LOVE the photos, they are great!


They make me giggly!


Oh my Gawd ! They are sooo cute. I love the little doggies.
And dental floss to joint something ? - we are all going to go blind one day. I'm definitely throwing in the towel when it comes to matching Japanese tiny-ness.


They are all wonderful but the tako (with beret..ackk!) and the wee pup are too much!

You do realize that you could have gotten several posts out of these photos, right? ;-)


they're so adorable! I hope in a few years when my twins are just a LITTLE older I can do such adorable fiddly little things. But meanwhile thanks for the eye candy, it cheers up a cloudy gloomy day here!


Oh they are so cute! I am planning on teaching myself to crochet- only because I am crazy for the amiguri! They are just so so cute. Yours are adorable and I love that tako with the beret!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


Very cute! Wasn't there a popular song about dango a few years back, Dango san-kyoudai or something like that? I wish I could crochet in the car but unfortunately I have to watch the road or I get car-sick. I'm very slow at crocheting too!


oh, Oh, OH! I am blown away by these....

They are so adorable, I could just eat 'em up (is that what you were thinking when you made them bite sized???) I attempted amigurumi last year, with not much of a start, but it's official - in 2007 I want to learn to crochet! (any recommendations of a good book, or website, with instructions???)


The little octopus makes me so inordinately happy! I wish I could knit or crochet!


oh i just love amigurumi! that octopus is to die for :)


They are utterly fantastic, Myra! And you can't be *that* slow at crocheting, that's quite a collection you've amassed so far. Or maybe you did a *lot* of nose blowing and very little sleeping...? Happy new year to you and your family!


so small and so cute!

stephanie s

such wonderful creatures! love the pigs, love them a lot.


From Sam (5 1/2 y.o.) I like the bug eyed pooch the best! I just want that because it's so cute!:)

amy in az

you are killin' me with cuteness, LOVE IT!
Thanks for the inspiration, I will add this to my "to make" list-- I envision Chrismtas ornaments for next year-- and craftin' these up will be uber-travel friendly space wise in my bag.


I would love the pattern for the tiny pig on the left. Any chance that you will have patterns to sell? I'm very interested in they year of the pig now! And that started with last year's year of the dog postcard swap! Happy crocheting. It's fun, isn't it?


Very sweet! I'm a very slow crocheter, it would take me months to make this many little sweeties. My favorite is the tako. Love the jaunty beret!

Ann C

Myra, I just posted some mini bear pics on my site, please take a peek ( and maybe if you squint hard enough, the pics would look clear ) argh...macro...


I love them, especially the little dog. I cannot imagine making anything so small, let alone so well.

So talented, you are.


so nice to see your work - truly inspiring and i pore over the pics and ideas. my 4 year old wants all that you create ... me too.


I am so impressed. Those things are SO CUTE. My daughter makes similar tiny creatures, except out of clay.

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