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Thanks for sharing the ornaments, Myra. How interesting! And aside from being *different*, I'm sure they're a nice reminder of an interesting trip.


Those ornaments are really beautiful. And your hedgehog is adorable!


I think that all yurts should house googly-eyed hedgehogs. It ought to just be a rule...


cute cute myra. do i sense a real hedgie in your future???

stephanie s

what wonderful ornaments. and, who knew that you would be the hedgehog queen when 2007 rolled around?


Aaah, the best laid plans...
I love your ornaments! Mr. Hedgie is so cute in his little yurt.


gorgeous ornaments - i love all the embellishments and embroidery. hedgie is a cutie!


Gorgeous hedgie house! Love the ornaments fom Kazahkstan. I'll admit something really dumb here - I thought it was a made up place name for the movie. Geography is NOT my strong point...I thought it was an amalgamation of other place names. Ooooops!

Dawn Castro

Love the hedgie!!! I love the wonderful ornaments!! They are beautiful!! I love reading your blog!! and I feel the same way you do about Christmas crafting!! I feel the nedd to make everything I see!! I don't feel so bad now!!


Sweet ornaments. And I love the little hedgehog.


I too love that hedgie-yurt! If only I could fit into it, I could escape all the last-minute projects that are calling to me!


Wow, they are beautiful - and make fabulous christmas decorations! The hedgie is so darn cute. :)

jenny vorwaller

oh myra! those are gorgeous ornaments, i would never have guessed that they weren't intended to be on a tree...

and in my eyes, you have done amazing things this season, if this is "behind" i gotta see ahead!

merry christmas!! :) xoxo


Beautiful well made ornaments. I am trying to squeeze a tiny X-mas tree this's always a pleasure to visit your blog.


mele kalikimaka - if you have the time - you've been tagged - check my blog....


Thanks for sharing these ornaments - they are truly inspiring! Love the Dr Zhivago-esque one. And that hedgie is just adorable.

Hoping you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy new year.


Glad to see that I'm not the only one who suddenly finds themselves in this situation. Your ornaments turned out great. I was also wondering if you will be organizing another postcard swap this year for the year of the pig? Just curious as last year's postcard swap was great.

Have a merry Christmas and all the best in 2007!


I'm drooling over those ornaments! So beautiful. I can tell I like that pom-pom hedgie, too, having only seen his little googly eyes. :)


Theese ornaments art too cute! I really love the hedgehog-yurt!!!

By the way... I did throw away my to-do-list yesterday and do feel much better now... ;)

Have a merry Christmas! Nic


love the not-ornament-ornaments :), they're so pretty! i wish i had thought of buying little knick knack type things when we went on our trips.

the yurt with the hedgie, too funny! stay healthy and have a great holiday season!

jungle dream pagoda

What I really love is the title of your post! Honestly, those Dr Zhivago-esque ornaments are truly unique and beautiful.


Those ornaments are great! Reminds me a bit of cotton batting.

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