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I'm not looking forward to when naptimes go away...not at all.
Couldn't you varnish the nuts or something? To perserve them, I mean.
They look so good for them not to be around next year!

The Weekend Warrior

I'm with you on the naptime thing - its not quiet around here because of the protesting!


Schecky hasn't napped in over 6 years, but I still miss that time...

The peanut ornaments are so cute they should be banned in all 50 states!!!! (Maybe even D.C. and the territories, too...)

I love the way that you give your creations such personality! You have a very distinctive style, and I think I could recognize something as being "yours" even if I didn't know you were the artist....


I still remember my disappointment when naptimes weren't needed anymore. lol
Those little peanut ornaments are adorable! Couldn't you store them wrapped in tissue paper and then inserted in a ziplock bag? When my son was little (25 years ago), my mother made some ice cream cone ornaments for our tree that were made with actual sugar cones...the ice cream was stuffed fabric. No varnish or preservative and I'm still using them! Maybe I'll do an ornament post this week.


Very cute nuts! I thought they were standing on cookies, it was making me hungry.

We just went through the no-more-nap thing this summer. It was a bit trying. I would still try to get him to do a nap ever 3 days or so, but the only way I could get that to happen was if I took one too (which doesn't help with sanity that much). Pretty soon I realized that I was the only one napping! It's much easier now that we're on the other side, and we get the advantage of slightly earlier bedtimes too.


I love all the cool things you do with nuts. All the ornaments are adorable. Makes me wish I had a Christmas tree to hang some ornaments off of.


i'm already nuts thinking of all the things i gotta do, plus just finding out we're hosting the small youth group from church next sunday children seldom took naps after 2 years old - i kinda just ran on empty all day....


I love the peanut people:) Store them in the fridge or freezer if you have room and see if that works. Might have to seal them if you used waterbased paints.


When my own children are sleeping, all feels right with the world and I don't feel guilty about not entertaining them with all the right educational, responsible, uplifting activities that I picture in my head, but can't always get to.


Wonderful ornaments!! Could you preserve them by coating them with something? A sheliac would make them shiney but should keep out the bugs too right?


Ohhh I love the little peanut people! I wonder what you could do to preserve them? What about a coat of PVA glue that has been watered down a bit?


I'm going to be a grump once my boys no longer nap. Hopefully I can squeeze one more year of naps from Big J.

Oh I hope you don't have to throw away the peanut ornaments. They are too cute.


Okay, I no get all nuts -- but it's hard because those ornaments are so crazy adorable!


Awwww, nuts! I am loving this nut obsession, Myra, especially the snowmen. Keep this up, and we'll have to call you The Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis or Eddie Murphy version - both were superb).

prairie mouse

the ornaments are so funny, so sweet, they made me laugh when i saw them!


I was reading about the nuts before the picture came up,and was thinking naa that wouldn't look any good!!! THEN when the picture popped up I just had to laugh how adorable!!! They would be okay in an airtight container, for a couple of years anyway!!


the nuts are adorable!
i NEED to put away/donate my son's toys too...there are just too many that find their way all over the house.


those nuts are great! Too bad you couldn't find a way to preserve them..I wonder if you shell(pun)acked them if it wouldn't keep the bugs away. I've preserved a cracker before--several coats of clear nail polish.

Wishing On Clovers

I love the little Santa!
When I was a child, my grandmother would make all sorts of breads during the Autumn months. Each time she would pick a really nice looking one, take it outside, and spray it with some sort of spray that made it rock hard, like a brick. Then during Christmas she would gather them all up in a basket to use as decoration. I have thought all day what that spray could be, but I just can't think of it!


shellac them! Is that even how you spell that?

Seriously those little nutty guys are too cute.


Sounds like me and you are in the exact same stage right now. It is just killing me because my boy who will be 3 next month is phasing out of his nap and my daughter is phasing out of her second nap! So sad! I feel for you, hun!


love the peanut winter guys! i actually saw this in another japanese magazine recently but i can't think of which one (i *thought* it was "oshare koubou" but i checked their back issues online and it doesn't look like it ...). we don't celebrate xmas at our house but i was really tempted to make some because they were so dern cute!

hope your grouchiness is going away. transition time is always difficult, but "this too shall pass." ganbare!


Hey Myra! Love the pidgin. Here we'd say 'don't get your knickers in a knot'.


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