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I adore your little finger puppets ;)
the reindeer is my fave ;)


both the pie and the puppets are superlatively festive!

(and I love the idea of the "Christmas Elephant"...)


I completely agree that elephants are Christmasy (and also appropriate for Halloween, Easter and St. Patrick's Day).

Passions & Distractions

Shaped vents are such a cute idea! I think the wee puppets are adorable!


Great finger puppets, such personality. I think I forgot that you crocheted, but then I remember Little Red Riding Hood was crocheted, too, wasn't she? Now, did you put all three finger puppets in one bag? Nice mommy. If it were me, knowing that some of the bags were still empty, I think I would have stretched them out into three day's worth of stuff!

Anne Sheridan

Would you share where you found that pattern? Those are adorable!!!

The Wine Makers Wife

Holy crap that pie is adorable. You rock.


I love that elephant pie! That's GREAT!


Well, you know, Santa wanted to use elephants to pull the sleigh. Not very many people know that. Apparently, antlers have more lift than tusks. Too bad, eh?


That is such a cute idea for the pie, I love it! And your finger puppets are gorgeous as well :)


How cute is that pie? Love it! I think elephants are festive ;)

The finger puppets are darling, as well.


Wow! That is SOME PIE!


Oh!! Yes, a Christmas pie!!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Hello sweetie :) I'm in love with your finger pups :) It's sooooo cute ! And I'm impressed by your pies ! Wonderful !


I also have to say that I LOVE the finger puppets. Too cute!


you know you are making me want pie!

crafty champloo

Oh I love the elephants....and the reindeer collar is so cool!


I am so jealous of Buddy. I wish my mom made me elephant-apple pie and insanely cute finger puppets. XD

I also heard about the Kim family...what happened was so terrible!


your pie and finger puppets are adorable!


Holy crap. You made a pie out of elephant? Where in the hell did even get an elephant to slaughter in Hawaii?


Myra! Can you adopt me? Your place seems like the COOLEST place on Earth!!!


Oh lordy elephant pie!!!!!! Such magic *3*


Ooooh, I'd love a pattern for these too - they are SO cute!!! =)


That is so cute. I am going to keep my eyes open to find an elephant cookie cutter now.

My mother in law's mother collected elephants and I know a pie like this would mean something special to her.

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