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What a fun idea! Buddy is becoming quite the artist!


That is awesome. You both did a great job. Wow!!


That snowman is adorable!


Hey he looks great, what a super idea. Love the mice in the previous post.


Adorable snowman!


wow. you rock myra. or should i say buddy? yes, you rock buddy!

The Weekend Warrior

What a great idea!


This is a cool way to use a hat, nice snowman!


great idea with the hat. The snow flakes around the blue bit really finish it off.
Looks like there were a few L's at the ice rink!!! Lots of metal walker thingys.
We spent 2 weeks in Hawaii 10 years ago and just loved it.


cool snowman ingenious!


Cute idea. Mr. Snowman looks so festive!


Are those Mary Engelbreit pieces in the background? Are you an M.E. fan?! Isn't she delightful? I smile every time I see something of hers and her calendar is a standard Christmas gift.
Fantastic snowman! You and Buddy should be crafting professionally. My Little Muddy, or some such!


OMG, Ice Palace! XD In all my life, I've been there about 6-7 times and it's only recently (this year) that I dared to go over to the big side. But I'm still very wobbly. And I still need to hold a friend's hand. Gosh, I wish I had Buddy's skills! =3

I also love the snowman~ it's awesome. *____*


Why the f* is everyone on crutches?


iceskating in hawaii! awesome!


i think kids have no fear when they learn something "sports like" -- i used to see tiny snowboarders just fly down the snow!

great snowman craft idea =)


Oh wow! How cute is that! Very creative and festive!


What a clever idea. You're such a fun mum! Buddy sounds like a natural on ice and paints. =D


It is a very very good idea!!

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