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I love the donkey - he is wonderful. I am so impressed someone asked me to make a horse a while ago and for the life of me I can't make anything that looks like one.


Oh, that's so gorgeous and definitely not Eeyore... Tigger and Pooh... how awful would that be? Although my daughter would be very delighted... what are elf shoes?


I just cannot believe Xmas is coming again!

Eeyore is indeed the first idea coming to my mind when I saw the picture. But it looks like wiser than Eeyore. I love the way you take the shot.:-P


I love your donkey, he's so cute. The fabric colours siut him well. Havnt done much Christmas planning this year at. What a shame about the slippers, hope you find a nice home for them.


Ohhh, dig those crazy ears (and belly lining). He's lovely.


Oh, your donkey is wonderful! I love & collect donkeys. Is there a pattern? Can you use the little elf shoes as a decoration if you can't find someone they fit? Put candy canes and little toys in them or something.

stephanie s

that donkey is SPECTACULAR! i love him, the fabrics, everything.


He's so cute! I can see the Eeyore resemblance, but he's way too perky to be Eeyore! That said, I like the idea of a Pooh/Tigger/Eeyore nativity. Do you have a Piglet or Roo to be the baby Jesus?

As for holiday plans, they're coming along slowly. Mostly in my head, I've started working on some presents so I'm way ahead of where I usually am!


Oh I think the donkey is very, very cute and I think that you are far more advanced with your holiday prepartions than many of us, well than me.


He's fantastic!!!
I've always wanted to make a nativity set myself. It started when I made a clay baby Jesus but He ended up becoming part of a fertility shrine I made to help me get pregnant!!! It worked!
I don't know about most of you, but didn't we just all go out for Halloween? I swear that was just yesterdaY! That said, I feel I started preparing the earliest ever for this Christmas.
Show us those elf shoes anyhows!!!


The donkey is SO cute! I love how he/she is looking at us from the corner of her sweet. I'm hoping to get a move on with some Christmas decorations + gifts soon...I always wait until the last minute. And elf shoes? So cool.


Such a sweet donkey!


What an ass.
I mean.


My my but that's a Sassy looking Eeyore!! Kinda looks like maybe Eeyore's girlfriend ;)


When I read your first sentence I was trying to visualize fabric wontons.

That can't be Eeyore - your donkey still has his tail! He is very sweet.


What else can I say but you rock! The donkey is simply amazing as is your ability and vision to create such adorable little critters. Wonderful.

jenny vorwaller

oh my, you've done it again! what an adorable little guy! :o) our christmas plans are going to be minimal this year...since we are away from home, i'll have to be really creative with decorating, gift giving, etc!


I absolutely LOVE this donkey, and wondered if there was ANY chance of begging borrowing or stealing a pattern, to make a present for my friends girls. I know they would just love it. I might even sneekily make one just for myself!
WHAT a beautiful thing.


Christmas? Huh? (I'm still catching up...) I think the Donkey looks great and way too happy to be Eeyore like. I especially love his ears.

Btw, thanks for the lovely wonton recipe. I made some last weekend and they were super tastey.


The Donkey is way cute!


How cute and adorable. Eeyore does look similar, but yours looks very happy and bright.

The Lone Beader

LOL!! You could always cover him with brown beads:) Anyways, I like his shape. Nice work:)

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